We made it! It’s Friday and the end of another work week. My weekend will include more mask-making. I have a friend who teaches kindergarten and asked if I’d try making masks with a clear vinyl window. I made no promises except to try. I think I’m going to use this pattern, but if you’ve made any and can recommend one, let me know!

No Finished Object for this Friday, but I did make some progress on my Sailing shawl. The yarn is a OOAK fingering I got on sale from Orange Jellyfish Dream earlier in quarantine. I’m loving it! The colors don’t show up great in this photo but it’s all lovely deep purple, white and gray. Plus it’s all soft and squishy, so I’m really glad I chose a pattern with mostly garter stitch.

3E35D881-8818-4BF5-8614-849903AE3031_1_201_aToday I’m going to switch off to one of my other gazillion WIPs and pick something a little more interesting than garter stitch.

Oh, and get this: a few weeks ago (time means nothing anymore; I don’t know when it was) we switched Jack to a more expensive food “for sensitive stomachs” while he was having gastro issues. Since he started his thyroid supplement, he’d been eating better and wasn’t refusing his food like before. I was encouraged, and since we were getting low on the small bag of food I’d bought to try, three days ago I ordered a big bag. Can you guess what happened next?? Yesterday morning Jack turned up his nose at the new food. Ate just a bit for breakfast and refused at dinner. So I tried hand-feeding him the old, cheaper food (which the other two dogs snarf down happily) and Jack said, oh sure, that food is okay. So now I have a 30-lb bag of expensive fancy food that he won’t eat. The only silver lining is that Duncan and Grace will eat just about anything I put in front of them, so it won’t go to waste. SIGH. Dogs.


Happy Friday, friends. Hope you have some pleasant weekend plans to look forward to, even if they are plans to just relax and do nothing!

7 thoughts on “TGIF!

  1. 😆 I have a dog like that. Mix kibble with wet food, great. Week later, nope, but will eat the kibble soaked with warm water. Great. Few days later, nope, but will eat it with cold water. Great. Next day not interested. Chuck away and just put dry kibble. Eats that. 😔

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