FO: Simple Cowl

I snuck out into the gray, overcast morning to get some photos of my newest FO, a simple stockinette cowl I finished yesterday. It’s not getting blocked. Sure, it might could use the bath, but whatever. I’m a rebel these days. (Okay not really I’m following all the pandemic rules to the letter which means I need some freedom in other areas, all right??)

The yarn is from Alexandra the Art of Yarn…wait…no, I’m looking at that yarn on Ravelry and this totally is not the yarn I put into my project page. What the heck. This is not a fingering weight and the colorway is not Purple Rain and I have NO IDEA what yarn this is. Crap. I have no idea if I messed up when I created the project page, or if it came home with the wrong label. Oh well, it’s pretty yarn that makes me think of Maleficent and it’s a lovely simple cowl that was comforting to knit and will be comforting to wear.

Edited to add: I found it!! It’s Hummingbird Moon Super Moon Worsted Weight in Dark Queen! And it’s 100% superwash merino and it’s nice and smooth and soft.

4AC9C326-E454-4F92-9462-61AC8F28F5FBSigh Whatever. Happy Saturday, friends. I hope you’re not freaking out about not being able to sew well enough to make masks or about possibly never being able to find chicken breasts at the grocery store ever again or whether your kid at college will be able to pay their living expenses. It’s not fun. I’m gonna go knit now.

13 thoughts on “FO: Simple Cowl

  1. ::big hugs::

    Thank you for sharing this cowl with us, it is beautiful! Sending you the biggest hugs right now…having to pay for a kiddo in college sounds stressful enough without everything else going on 😦

  2. It’s not the easiest of times right now, but I’m glad we have our knitting to keep us (at least mostly) sane. I know I’ve been needing the relaxation of knitting lately.

    The cowl looks lovely! And the colorway has a perfect name for the color, and your impressions of it. 🙂 It does look rather Maleficent-y, doesn’t it?

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