Two on Tuesday

You can take this “two” in two different ways: I’ve got TWO socks to show you, and I have TWO different things to show you. Here are my finished worsted socks!

fe71bc31-6ea1-4a8b-83fc-37152d2553e6I used the Rye pattern for stitch counts but just did a basic sock with a ribbed leg and stockinette foot. They’re so thick and squishy and I already have yarn picked out to make another pair. This yarn is Mountain Meadow Wool Tweet Worsted and it feels sturdy enough to withstand some hiking!

The other thing I wanted to share is more new yarn. Yesterday I got one last skein, the last of my stress purchases. This is Two Sisters self-striping sock yarn and it’s so FUN. (Hey, TWO sisters! It fits the theme!)

img_7480Now I don’t know what I’ll look forward to, with no more yarn en route. I got too accustomed to happy mail days!

My weekend was full of baking (lemon bread, yum!) and making. I made some masks for a nurse friend of mine who does some work in a telemedicine office. I knitted masks and added 2-layer cotton linings. (Note: I know these are not medical-quality masks. I don’t intend them as such and neither does she. We’re both operating under the concept of “better than nothing” and “what the hell, we have nothing to lose”.)


Oops. I broke the two theme. Oh well, anyway, I pulled out the girl’s sewing machine so I could cut up an old cotton button-up shirt and sew up the linings. And, confession time: I kind of liked it! I might need to play some more with simple sewing. What if I could make my own project bags?? Unfortunately, hunching over the masks triggered a muscle spasm on Sunday morning so Sunday wasn’t too productive. I’m hoping next weekend will be a little better!

12 thoughts on “Two on Tuesday

  1. Ooh, pretty yarn! I’ve been trying to space out my yarn purchases so that I get happy mail spaced out a bit. Though I’ve also thought that gift certificates (for myself) were a great way to do it so that I can still go pet the yarn but the stores get the money now. (On the other hand… happy mail… 😉 )

    Love the socks!

    • I saw them! I love the color you cast on! I’m just forcing myself to wait until I get my other socks done. I don’t know why, exactly, but that’s what my logical brain is telling me.

  2. Love the new socks and yarn. I’ve thought about knitting some. My sewing skills are lackluster

  3. I love the socks! The mask looks like it is coming out great. I’ll be making some myself this weekend.

    Lemon bread sounds amazing. I’ve been making lots and lots of banana bread, haha.

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