Ready to Fade!

My new yarn arrived yesterday, a set of four skeins from Bumblebee Acres Farm in a Game of Thrones-inspired fade. My colors are Lannister themed but they have plenty of other choices. This is for my commissioned shawl and even though these aren’t my colors at all, I’m excited to make it for her. The yarn is called Butter Sock, with 70% Merino, 20% Silk, 10% Cashmere, so it’ll be a treat to knit with and cozy to wear. (I’m pretty sure she’s never going to see this blog, so hopefully it will be a surprise when it’s done.)

I chose the Find Your Fade pattern so she’ll have a big squishy wrap to keep her warm, and because I’ve been wanting to make one for ages. I cast on at first with the recommended size four needles, but quickly decided I wanted a tighter gauge and started over with size three. Warmth is key, and I think it will still come out plenty big! I haven’t gotten very far, maybe 15 rows in, and I haven’t planned out the color changes for my four-color fade yet. I need another weekend to spend with my Fade!


We’ve had days and days of rain and gray skies, which makes me just want to curl up and knit even more than usual. Hope you’ve got sunshine where you are!


9 thoughts on “Ready to Fade!

  1. Nope, rain here too. It’s very weird.

    Love the colors you chose for the fade! They’re not ones I normally think of, but they’re really pretty.

  2. Your yarn choices always make me drool…those colors are sooo pretty.

    How is the Find Your Fade pattern? I got the impression it’s challenging based on someone’s IG (not that I plan on attempting it anytime soon, LOL).

    • I’m not finding it that difficult. Some fiddly bits with moving a marker around, but the hardest thing so far is s1-k2tog-psso. I’ll keep you posted!

  3. Hi Bonny, Duncan and the rest of your family! I love the girls over at Bumble Bee. The Yarn is beautiful. I think with the fade, you kind of feel your way through! So glad you started can’t wait to see!
    I bought my wheel from them. ( another story) We have stayed in touch over the years. When I first started dyeing they helped me. and We finally got to meet irl, at WI sheep and wool this year. It was hugs all around. And I kept teasing them every time we passed. They do a wonderful job with their yarn, they will always be dear friends.

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