Stupid Fade

This is not going well. My Fade shawl is currently in time-out and maybe you can help me. I’m using 4 colors instead of 7, and I thought I had a good plan for the color switches, but when I got to the first planned switch, I still had half the first skein left. If I switched then, I was afraid I’d run out of the other colors before I got to the end of the shawl. (I have ~1700 yards; it uses anywhere from 1500-1800 depending on which project page you look at.) So right now I’m at the end of section 5, out of 13, with 37 grams of the first skein still left. I have several choices that I can see.

  1. Be risky and frog back about ten rows to fade in the second color as I’d planned. If I run out at the end, I would have to end early or finish with the first color.
  2. Do section 6 (lace) in the yellow and start fading at the beginning of section 7. The downside I can see is that I might end up with a very large yellow section, compared to the other colors.
  3. Start fading in the second color in section 6, even though the pattern recommends doing the color melts in the garter stitch sections and not the lace.


Please help me. I know this really shouldn’t be this difficult, but there are some other things going on that are sapping my capacity for thinking and stuff. Thank goodness I have good dogs to snuggle with.

And look at my new stitch markers! Those are MY DOGS! They’re from Jill’s Beaded Knit Bits. I sent her a photo of my dogs and she made these and I love them so much!

11 thoughts on “Stupid Fade

  1. Those are the coolest stitch markers ever!
    When I tried to knit my Fade I used 5 colors and found a person on Ravelry who had laid everything out for 5 colors. There may be someone who did it for 4. There is a 4 color one that is called MaryJknits’ Fading at Both Ends which is an interesting option. Good luck!

    • I found a couple of people who used four; I might message one to see if she had any problems running out of yarn. I did see the fade at both ends & thought it was super cool–wish I’d seen it before I got so far along!

  2. Those are adorable stitch markers! 🙂

    I haven’t knit the fade, but knowing me I would probably fade during the lace section. I am not known for following all knitting rules, though, and there may be a very good reason why the pattern says to not fade during the lace. If you’re doing this “right” and not my lazy way, I’d suggest looking through the Ravelry project pages to see what others have done. I’m guessing someone has used 4 skeins before. They might have tips.

    • I’m tempted to be a rule-breaker too! And yes, I’ve gone through several pages of the 8k+ projects, just haven’t found great tips yet. I’ll keep hunting!

  3. From what I understand there are a few people who have use 4 or 5 colors. Go on Ravelry do an advanced search, enter all the info. something may come up. Also go to the actual page for the fade and look at projects, not sure if you could search there, but I’m sure someone else has/ had the same problem as you.

  4. I think I know what I’d do. I would definitely finish the shawl with the original color. So I think that means I’d think back about 8-10 rows and start the second color. Go on about the pattern, and plan to switch back to that tan/yellow at the end. To me, it completes the circle. Does that make sense!

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