FO Monday?

Why isn’t FO Monday a thing? I mean, most of us are coming off a weekend where hopefully we’ve had some knitting time, if not substantial chunks, so it seems like Mondays would be the perfect day to show off finished projects. I’ll start: I knit a sock this weekend! On Saturday morning, I had an inch of cuff for my second River Fleet sock, and last night, I grafted the toe. Of course, it was the second toe because first I had this:


These socks do not match.

I couldn’t live with that much difference, not when it was easily fixed. I pulled back just the toe and reknit so they’d (mostly) match. Even then, the second sock seemed bigger overall than the first sock. I was disgusted with myself for the lack of matchiness so I tossed them to the girl to try on.


These socks also do not match.

It’s not super obvious, but the lace doesn’t match. Somehow, the second sock has an extra repeat in the foot. I have no idea if the first was right or the second is right, and at this point, frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. They are done, they are pretty, and the girl can get them on her feet and they fit. I’m calling it a win and moving on.

The pattern is River Fleet Socks by Jem Arrowsmith, which I test knit. I really do love the lace on this one. I’m just learning I need to pay close attention when I knit lace! The yarn is Knit Picks Capretta Reserve, with 10% cashmere, in Vibrant Violet. I’ll be interested to see how they wear with the cashmere.

And today is Duncan’s birthday. He is three, which I hope means we’re moving past the long stage of chewing things up. He’s been doing much better the last few months so I’m cautiously optimistic. Here he is from adoption day to now! Spoiler: he’s a lot bigger.

Hope you also had a lot of knitting time this weekend!

16 thoughts on “FO Monday?

  1. I didn’t have as much knitting time as I wanted this weekend, but I did have some! I worked on my colorwork socks, so progress was a tad slower than it could have been.

    For me, I don’t usually do FO Monday posts because I need the rest of the week to get the item washed and blocked and photos taken. πŸ˜‰

  2. Woah Duncan is so big now! The socks are pretty even if they don’t match! I never thought of putting lace on my socks!

  3. Made it Monday? That should be a thing. I usually finish projects over the weekend. Your Duncan reminds me so much of my Wrigley. I would like you to pat his head, scratch his butt, and tell him he’s a good boy for me, please.

    • That might work, although I like your Sock It Monday too. Were you going for a subtle “suck it, Monday” vibe?? Duncan has received his pat and scratches with pleasure, and thanks you immensely. Butt scritches are his favoritest thing.

      • Oh heck, I just saw your post again and it’s Sock It To Me Monday, not Sock It Monday. Whatever. You can tell what my mindset is, LOL!

      • Wrigley likes butt scratches best too. She likes to start each morning by stretching across my lap and wiggling until I give in to the butt scratching.

  4. FO Monday does make more sense, but where would we be without our alliteration?
    The socks are beautiful cousins and if they both fit then it’s definitely still a win! Plus that fabby colour makes up for everything

  5. Beautiful socks! And happy birthday to Duncan, that’s a big dog! Haha I think Apollo was 2 or 3 when he finally decided that he didn’t need to shove whatever he came across into his mouth. It was a happy day for sure.

    • Thank you to both! When our lab was young, someone told us that they start chilling out around age 3, and it was true for her, so maybe it will be for Duncan too!

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