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I’m stuck, guys. I mentioned yesterday that I want to start a knitting journal, and I really do. I’ve got the notebook picked out (my pretty new purple Rhodia) and I have a pen inked and ready (my pretty new silver Kaweco with pretty new purple Waterman ink). I have a list of topics/ideas/pages for my journal. But I’m struggling to actually put pen to paper. You see, what if I do it wrong?

No, I know, there is no “wrong”. It’s fine however I do it, as long as it works for me. But what will work for me? And what if I change my mind later? Do I want to designate a page for each topic, or do I want to write chronologically, like I do in my regular journal? I read Kate Davies’ fantastic post about how she journals and especially liked the idea of being able to find things retroactively, so I know I’ll flag some pages to return to (blog post ideas, photos to take, review projects). There’s a part of me that loves the look of a beautiful bullet journal, neatly organized and decorated, but honestly…I’d rather spend my creative time with my yarn, and not decorating my journal. So maybe I need to focus on Kate’s advice:

“So my first principle is to just put everything in one place. That is, when you have a new idea, or a new thing that you need to record, don’t worry about where it needs to go, or how it should be categorised – just start on a new page, or draw a line under the last item in the journal and record it. It doesn’t matter at all if this thing is of a different kind (or category) to the last thing that you wrote or drew . . . just write it down, in its new place, and record what you need to about it.”

Just write it down. Surely I can do that.


11 thoughts on “Knitting Journal

  1. The bullet journal index is awesome for this. You leave the 2 or 4 pages blank to use as the index. Number your pages and write as you want. Then you can put down a heading and page number for things to revisit.

  2. You know, I have a bunch of journals that I picked up as Bullet Journal options (before I switched to a Jibun Techo). I’m not doing anything with these other journals now. Maybe I’ll start a knitting journal, too… Hmm. Things to think about.

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