Back to socks

After a brief affair with super bulky yarn, I went back to my sock yarn over the holiday. And wonder of wonders, I finally finished the second Paddington Station sock! (The Ott light I got for Christmas made a huge difference in the knitting experience, I have to admit.)


I need to remember that I don’t like knitting with plain dark yarn. I liked the pattern and I liked the yarn, but I never wanted to knit on these. So I’m delighted they’re done and the boy stole them before I could get a better photo. Now I can move on to my new sock yarn!!

img_2663I got three skeins of sock yarn from Show Me Yarn from the husband and I’m totally going to cast on that self-striping 80s colorway first (the neon pink/blue/green, called Hit Me With Your Best Shot). BUT. I’m going to be good and try to finish the socks on my needles first, the hot pink Hedgehog Fibres Gossip socks. I’m zipping along now that I’ve got the black socks done.

IMG_2580I’m not doing the #MakeNine challenge that’s so popular right now. It’s overwhelming for me to think of that many ambitious projects at once. Instead, I’m challenging myself to start a knitting journal this year to plan/make notes/dream etc. It can be whatever I need it to be, and right now, I need it to be a list of ideas for my next super bulky project!


I hope you all had a peaceful and fun holiday and have fun new yarny things to play with!



9 thoughts on “Back to socks

  1. Dark sock yarn is so hard to work with! I love the neon socks you will be starting next. The name is just as good as the yarn. I hope your current socks go fast, Hedgehog is so lovely they probably will.

  2. Your black socks are awesome! I love the hot pink ones and I can’t wait to see how that other yarn knits up.

    I’ve got a goal list, a make nine, and a queue with no less than 45 patterns that I’ve already purchased but I’m not going to stress about those lists. I plan to do what I can and roll it over to 2020 if need be.

    As far as a knitting journal goes. I have purchased a six ring binder and dividers so if I want I can take out and re do pages if I want. I have a section for CURRENT WIP’s & MONTHLY GOALS, FO’s, GIFTS, and DONATIONS. As well as extra dividers to add more sections as desired. I’ve tried several times to make knitting journals with pretty notebooks but it just doesn’t work for me.

    • I saw your binder on Instagram & it looks amazing! If I didn’t have 12 million pretty journals already, I’d want to try this! Instead, I’ll see if I can make the pretty journals work first and keep this in mind if it doesn’t. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Socks + dog = a perfect photo. I don’t know what you’re talking about, wanting a better photo than that. 😉

    Also, that is lovely yarn! I didn’t get any actual yarn for gifts this year, but I did get yarn money, so that’s close enough to be the same thing.

      • Exactly! I know I’m using it for yarn for a Fair Isle sweater for myself. Now I just need to figure out which colors I’m going to use, since the pattern as written doesn’t necessarily feature good colors for me.

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