More new projects?

Well, clearly I don’t respect my own limits. Or maybe subconsciously I do and they’re not as low as I thought they were. Despite my whining about feeling overwhelmed by WIPs the other day, I have added more to my queue. One is a sock but that’s totally justifiable: I needed a simple travel project for car/concert knitting. And I had beautiful new sock yarn calling my name.


This is Hedgehog Fibres Sock in the color Gossip. Love it! After the boy’s band concert, I have a good two inches of leg past the cuff, but it got too dark to take another photo.

Okay, the sock is understandable. But apparently I have also agreed to make two cowls…before Christmas…as gifts…for a friend to give. But hear me out: I like this person a lot, and I like to help my friends, and I like it when people like my knitting enough to ask me to make things for them. Plus, I like it when they’re willing to pay me to make said things!! So, two cowls are on the list. They’re bulky weight and it’s baby alpaca which means they’ll be fast, fun knits for me. Right? Right. Thank goodness it’s Friday so I can get to knitting ASAP! Anyone else taking on last-minute gift knitting?

11 thoughts on “More new projects?

  1. I ended up with last-minute gift knitting too, but mine is for my own presents. I tried a pair of hibernating socks on my whole family a short while ago trying to find a home for them (they didn’t fit me, even though they were supposed to be mine) and since they fit my mom I’m now rushing to get the pair done, washed, and dried before Christmas. I was also told (after showing my sister some hats I knit for my in-laws) that my niece loves beanies, so I think I’ll be making another one – or two, can’t leave out my nephew – hats before Christmas. Luckily those take only a day or two each. Still… crazy busy knitting time! Good luck with your cowls!

  2. I’ve taken on last minute gift knitting, but I’m a very slow crafter. So I guess my recipients will get their presents in March :p

    Love Hedgehog Fibers…I haven’t purchased any skeins yet but I love their colorways!

  3. I made my daughter a pair of fingerless gloves for typing at work, and am currently making myself a pair with fingers, and color changes! They will go with a hat I made myself. Before that, I made gloves for my brother’s family, along with several sewn items. Now it’s ME time! Yay!
    Since Christmas is nearly here, I hope you get those cowls finished in time!

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