Too much knitting?

Is that a thing?? I’m afraid it is–I have something like six WIPs and there are at least three more floating around in my head and I feel like there are some I’m forgetting that I’m supposed to make and AAAAHHH! Knitting is supposed to be my therapy, not my stressor! I don’t really even understand why I feel like this, because I can sit down and plan out my projects, the timeline of gifts and review projects, and it’s fine. I’m doing fine. But for whatever reason, my head feels full and it’s like I’m not staying on top of my knitting.

I don’t like associating that feeling with knitting. But I’m not sure how to fix it. One thing that seems to help is finishing projects, so I probably should focus on that before casting on anything else. Yesterday I finished a sock, one of a pair I started about three months ago, and that’s a long time for a sock for me.


They’re fraternal twins and the feet aren’t the same length but I love the colors and they fit and feel good on my feet today so that’s a win. Now to finish the other sock project that’s been lingering for months!

9 thoughts on “Too much knitting?

  1. As always, your stitches and projects are beautiful! I think this time of year is hard for all of us because we are either seeing the end of an even faster paced year, or we are frantically preparing for the holidays with our families and want everything to be perfect. Take a deep breath with me (yes I need it too) and then enjoy each project as it develops. Also make sure you spend time with family. Lots of virtual hugs are coming your way! šŸ™‚

    • Thank you! Deep breaths have been taken as needed. I think you’re right that the anxiety is probably coming more from other pressures in my life. I’m just so used to my knitting helping ease that, so this is a little new and annoying! So I will do my best to remember your advice & take deep breaths & enjoy each moment as it comes! šŸ™‚

  2. Socks that fit the person they’re supposed to fit is a huge win! The socks look great.

    Also – if 6 WIPs is too much knitting, then I’m in trouble. (I have 8 things currently on the knitting needles, 1 thing on the loom, and several more items planned…)

    • It might not be too much for you! It’s different for everyone, right? šŸ™‚ Plus I think it’s different at different times too. I can probably handle six WIPs when it’s not the holidays!

  3. I love your socks! I also have a wandering mind while I knit or read… I keep thinking of new things that I need to do and I can’t get anything done. You are right – it contributes to anxiety! I now keep a notebook that I write all the ideas down into which settles down my brain. I have been working my way through some WIPs which helps, and I “kit” up the new projects with yarn and needles and I find it also helps as I stop thinking about putting them together. The biggest help is to listed to an audible book or tv while I knit.

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