Wonder Woman cowl

I finished this cowl several days ago, and actually blocked it last weekend, but I didn’t get around to taking photos until today. It started with one of those skeins that seem almost too special to use, you know, the kind that need the “perfect pattern” before you can knit with it. But it also kept calling my name, and finally I gave in.

I wanted a long cowl, an infinity scarf I could wear doubled. At first I thought I’d just use the one variegated yarn, but I saw it on the shelf next to a solid red, which gave me ideas.


I looked at so many patterns trying to decide on one, and finally chose the Hogan Infinity Scarf, which I’ve made before.


It was faster to knit than the last time I made it, which was two years ago, so that makes me feel like I’m a better knitter than I used to be, and that’s a good feeling!


I modified the pattern by doing garter stitch edges instead of stockinette, and by added two extra repeats of the lace pattern in the middle. I wanted to use as much of the Wonder Woman yarn as possible, but in hindsight I think it might have been a more wearable width had I just done one extra repeat. I don’t know how often I’ll wear it, since they aren’t colors I wear often, but I love how it came out, and I really enjoyed making it.

Since I finished that, I’ve mostly been working on my cardigan. It’s going well, very smoothly. I counted my stitches before I put the sleeves on waste yarn and was quite pleased that I had the right number! Now I’m increasing the fronts and then I’ll just have to knit it as long as I want it, and then do the sleeves.


I’m looking forward to the sleeves, honestly. I love knitting in the round! So far this has been a good experience for my first sweater, but I foresee getting a little bored. My next sweater might have to have a little more detail to it.

My little sock is coming along, too, though I haven’t paid it much attention in the last week or so.


You’ll notice it’s still on DPNs. I tried my tiny circs and didn’t care for that at all. It surprised me, because I’ve used them for baby hats before and didn’t mind them. Part of the problem is that it seemed like there were too few stitches for the needles (64) and the stitches were stretched out too much. But mostly it just felt awkward. So I’m back to DPNs, my short DPNs this time, and it’s fine.

Hopefully you all are enjoying weather as beautiful as we are, sunny and 60s! Happy knitting, friends!

17 thoughts on “Wonder Woman cowl

    • Aw, thanks! Nope, not hard at all. Probably the hardest part was the lace, but if you’ve knit before it shouldn’t be too bad. It had k2tog, s1k1psso, and yarnovers, so the most important thing is just keeping track of where you are in the pattern!

  1. I found you via comments you had made on the blog for Endever Publishing Studios. As their new Marketing Leader, I’m trying to connect with followers but wow, I never expected to find this. Firstly, I love to crochet 24/7. Secondly, I’m a huge comic book nerd. How you managed to put those two things (though yours is knit) in one post, I have no idea. I am definitely going to have to follow your work. I have tried so hard to get into knitting like I do crochet but the art still alludes me. Hopefully you can teach me something! -Jaime (endeverpublishing.com)

    • Wow! Thank you so much–this made my day! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. One of my favorite things about knitting is taking something I love, like Wonder Woman or Doctor Who, and finding a way to express it through yarn, so it means a lot to have others appreciate it! I started with crochet before I learned to knit, and I still love it, but knitting speaks to me more. I think most yarn-people have a favorite craft even if they’re able to do both. If you’re on Ravelry, you should find me there: bonnyknitsforyou. And if you’re not on Ravelry, you should be!

      • I find projects on there via random Pinterest patterns but I’ve never explored the site to its fullest. I will definitely look you up! I think another issue for me is that I can crochet faster than knit. I learned knit first and only ever perfected pearling a straight line for a scarf. A friend in college showed me crochet and I was hooked. (Ha, pun unintended)

  2. I love the cowl, it’s gorgeous, love the colours and the contrasts that you’ve used to compliment the main colourway, and in all honesty who doesn’t love anything Wonder Woman themed 😉 I think you’ve done an amazing job on it.

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