Vintage Yarn Crafting

Yesterday the husband and I spent the day antiquing, and I saw all kinds of fun yarny things, like this cool swift:


It was functional enough that I was a little tempted, but it also would take up more space than my current swift, so I resisted.

I’m not a rug-hooker but I can certainly appreciate the colors and textures in this wall of wool:


I also came across what I think are spinning supplies. (I can’t remember what those wooden things are called, but they’re for spinning, right?)


And then I just liked this “Wool” sign. It would be pretty cute in my craft room.


This handknit child’s sweater was priced at only $25, which seems a little sad because I know how many hours when into the making of it. I mean, look at those cables!


But I successfully resisted making any impulse purchases. At the end of the day, we even stopped by a yarn store, and despite the call of the Anzula, I walked out with just the 9″ circs I wanted for making socks. Hooray for willpower!

19 thoughts on “Vintage Yarn Crafting

    • Depends on what you’re looking for! In the past we’ve gone to the Brass Armadillo a lot, but this time we spent the morning in Greenwood. They have six antique stores and it was fun to wander through and see neat things, but we didn’t find anything tempting. We’re in a furniture mode lately, and most of the stuff there was more rustic than we like. But it was still a fun morning, and I could see spending a couple hours there and then having lunch or something. Then we went to the Mission Road Antique Mall for the first time in several years, and that was pretty cool. It’s HUGE, and really clean and has lots of beautiful pieces, including a few pieces of furniture that we really liked (barrister bookcases and an oak sideboard), and the prices seemed reasonable.

  1. OK, I can see how you got out of the antique shop unscathed, because really, you could MAKE a wool sign, right? But the yarn store? Anzula? That took some serious will power.

    The child’s sweater is lovely and grossly underpriced. It kills me that people don’t; value their own work more.

    • I know, right?? And not just any Anzula–it was PURPLE Anzula!! I’m kind of kicking myself. Sighhh.

      I do think the sweater was old, not a recent knit, so I’m sure the owner of the antique shop just ended up with this sweater and knew it was handknit but had no idea how much time and effort went into it and just kind of threw a price on it.

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