Random Photos from a Birthday Weekend

This weekend saw a bit of celebrating, since I seem to have a birthday coming up tomorrow. It’s a big one, too: 40. Really? 40? I don’t feel like I always imagined 40 feeling, but at the same time, I’m loving the freedom that comes with age. It really is true that you get more…confident, I guess. I care less what people think. I dye my hair purple and knit at football games and pretend to dab at assemblies to make my kids laugh, and I don’t really give a hoot what people think. So yeah, that part of 40 is awesome. We just won’t think about the not-awesome parts! πŸ™‚ Last night I had some family over and we had a marvelous time eating tacos and cupcakes, and maybe opening a few presents too. My family knows me well.

A gorgeous purple felted yarn bowl from my Knitting SIL, a set of 6″ DPNs, and two Wonder Women. Pretty fun! And look at this:


My brother ordered this, because of course you’re never going to find my name on a Coke bottle otherwise. It’s pretty nifty.

I also celebrated by casting on three new projects, including the Manly Mitts in some Manos del Uruguay Maxima. These will stay at work for when my hands get cold. I absolutely love them. I mean, I’ve only got one done and there’s no second-glove-syndrome going on at all. They’re just so pretty and so soft and so squishy and snuggly.


Now I’m going to finish this second mitt while I watch the US Open and maybe later this week I’ll have a chance to share my other new WIPs!


11 thoughts on “Random Photos from a Birthday Weekend

  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!! I had never heard the phrase “second glove syndrome” used before. I had to chuckle. Those projects that seem so cool when we start them and then fall out of love with. After that I just can’t seem to make myself finish. I have one or two, maybe… ;).

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