Yarn Chicken

I’m playing a game of Yarn Chicken today. I’m *thisclose* to finishing my test knit cowl, and I have four rounds (260 stitches per round) plus the bind off, and this is what’s left of the yarn. IMG_6487That’s a whopping 8 grams. What do you think, will I make it?? Maybe if I knit really fast, I’ll finish before the yarn runs out!

My guess is NO, and I’ll have to leave off a row or two of the border. It’s either that or frog back the last pattern repeat, and I’m not sure I want to do that.

Check back tomorrow to see what happens!

7 thoughts on “Yarn Chicken

  1. man! It will be close, but I think no. I would pull back a repeat now before you go to far, and weigh the yarn, so you know how much it takes to do a row. 🙂 Then go forward from a place of knowledge and be victorious over the yarn!

  2. I’d try the knitting fast part even though I usually know better. Does the pattern allow to skip a row or two at the end? Then I would do that.

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