WIP Wednesday

It IS Wednesday, right? Summer gets me all confused sometimes. The crochet slippers are all done, and we shall not speak of them again. They were fun for a brief moment, and they are surely cute, but I have no desire to make more. It was a relief to switch back to knitting. Almost as soon as I wove in the last end, I wound some yarn from the stash and cast on a new project. It’s for my winter inventory, but it’s something I’ve been eyeing for a while now. IMG_6406This is the Purl Soho Broken Garter Scarf, a pattern that’s so simple but so beautiful (like all their patterns, really). I’m using some Loops & Threads Value Pack Yarn in gray from Michaels. The bag had two skeins, over 2000 yards, for less than $10. Sure, it’s acrylic, but it makes a super affordable scarf, and it’s surprisingly soft. I’m really enjoying knitting with it. I’ve got some royal purple to use when this one is done. The yarn suggests a size 9 needle, but I’m using size 6 for a really dense fabric. It’s a perfect mindless knitting project.

Today I’m casting on another project, this one a test knit that I’m keeping quiet for now. But I will say it’s a cowl, and I’ll show you the yarn I’m using: IMG_6408It’s Fyberspates Scrumptious, which is 45% silk/55% superwash merino. Yummy!! The tag says “4 ply/sport” but it’s listed on Ravelry as a fingering weight, so that’s what I’m going with. Can’t wait to get going with this one, even if I will be using tiny needles! (Size THREE!)

And I also have a finished object, but I’ll show you the process photos rather than the FO photo.

Thanks to the girl, I had some travel knitting time last night so I grabbed a ball of red cotton and cast on for a new dishcloth, and it was done by the end of her band concert. (I did get some looks, but I wasn’t sure if it was due to the knitting or the purple hair.) You can see a video of me knitting on Instagram (@bonnyknits) or on my Facebook page. This was a very simple seed stitch dishcloth, and it was a relief to have a project that I could finish so quickly!

Anyone else feeling the urge to cast on for more WIPs?

2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Haha! I’m sure you got the looks because of the combination of knitting and purple hair. It is just unexpected, because – you know – we knitters are supposed to have grey hair *gna!*

    Have fun with your scarf. Still a tiny little bit too short to wear, but you’ll get there in no time I guess 🙂

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