IKEA Visit

It finally happened. We’ve had an IKEA store in our area for a while now, but we just made it out there yesterday. It was impressive, but I have to confess, a bit underwhelming for me. The furniture is pretty far from what I prefer, very modern with clean lines, understated and simple. I live in an old house and I like the Craftsman styles, and I like furniture well-made out of solid wood. So I can appreciate the look, and the cost, but it doesn’t tempt me. Maybe that’s a good thing! I was tempted by two things, though. We got the cutest metal trash can for dog toys:


If you’ve been a reader for a while, you’re familiar with Grace’s tendency to chew on…everything. We had a plastic milk crate for toys for a while but she destroyed that. Recently we’ve been using a blue plastic Walmart bucket. It worked but wasn’t terribly attractive in the living room. So I’m delighted with this. I might have to take off the lid though. When it moves, it rattles and the noise scares Grace. I want them to be able to get toys out of it!

My other find was an awesome rolling cart. I’d seen other crafters post pictures of this and had coveted it, but honestly I’d forgotten about it until we came across it yesterday. It’s just as cute and functional as I thought it would be.


The girl ever so kindly offered to put it together for me. Thank goodness! I *could* have done it, but honestly…didn’t really want to. She had a bit of frustration with a screw that didn’t want to go in, but very soon I had a complete cart!


Didn’t take long for me to fill it up, either! These are all my current projects that were piled up on top of the radiator (and various other places, if I’m being honest) so I’m thrilled to have a central location for them. AND it’s cute!!


So, YAY, IKEA. Now I can say I’ve been there and don’t really need to go back.

The rest of the weekend was getting fresh purple hair, making more crochet slippers, and hanging out with the pups. One more slipper to make and then I’m DONE with that project.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too. Bring on the Monday!

13 thoughts on “IKEA Visit

  1. lol, I hear you! We have some IKEA chairs in the dining room which I love, but I don’t need any particle board shelves, for sure. But I also have that rolling cart – isn’t it fabulous? And I never leave the IKEA Marketplace without a wagon load of cool stuff like your metal trash can. things like drinking glasses, dish towels, etc, suit my style and pocketbook. If I had one near me, maybe it wouldn’t; be so much fun, but as the closest one is several hours away, a trip to IKEA is still a big deal.
    In fact, I might need another rolling cart for upstairs… 🙂

  2. You know how I love purple! I love your craft cart. I “need” one too. It’s probably a good thing that we don’t have an Ikea near us

  3. Ooh those Ikea craft carts are great, my friend has one and when (or if) I ever get my own craft room it will be one of the first things I buy! I do love a good storage solution and Ikea is great for those, but I try to stay away from Ikea, things I don’t need tend to fall into my basket… :-/

  4. I have wanted one of those carts FOREVER, but it means driving in to Toronto. 😛 (I get a parking ticket every time I stop for a light). Hey, how ’bout those slippers! What are you using inside the soles??

    • Well, a cart plus a parking ticket WOULD make for a more expensive excursion! And those slippers?? They’re DONE! Hooray! Inside the soles? Nothing. It’s a flip flop sole so technically it doesn’t need anything more, though some people have mentioned putting in insoles or something. But mine are plain and simple.

  5. Yay for purple hair! 😀 Mine’s violet right now, it’s such a happy place for me to know other people also like bright and “unnatural” colours for themselves!

    I have a confession about the IKEA cart. I have it, in the same colour. Not one. Not two. There’s THREE of them in this studio of mine 😮

      • It’s too much fun, actually! Hair is something I’m willing to experiment with lately, and I fear I might give my family a heart condition soon – I’m going to get a Mohawk 😳
        Luckily I get to redeem myself on the carts, one is mine and two are my partner’s – but all are the same colour as yours 😊

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