Good Wrap, Bad Hat, and Writing

We’ll call this Making Progress Monday. Look what I did yesterday!! IMG_5622I’ve got just a little bit left of that medium gray, and then it’s the last color and my Color Block Wrap will be done! It knits up so much faster than I expected, but it probably helps that I spent yesterday watching TV and knitting. I started Ken Burns’ Civil War documentary, and fell in and couldn’t stop. Total binge day. This was perfect knitting for it too, mindless enough that I could keep my eyes on the screen most of the time. I wish I could have watched the whole series but I have two episodes left and the hubby says I have to wait and watch them with him. Sigh. Fine. Whatever. Maybe I’ll finish it tonight.

And the wrap was actually the second thing I worked on yesterday. I started out making a hat with some purple wool, because I needed a break from all the gray and wanted some color. It was easy to make, knit up quickly, and I like how it looks here: IMG_5620But this morning I put it on a head to take photos for this post, and…well. I kind of hate it. IMG_5624It’s not the pattern’s fault at all. I love the zigzags and the way the decreases look, but it came out so much more slouchy than I expected.IMG_5625I’ve made hats with this much slouch and they’re fine, but it’s not what I wanted this time. I’ll try it on my own head to make sure, but I’m thinking this one will be frogged and redone with fewer stitches and/or smaller needles.

I made progress with the writing this weekend too, on Saturday while my family was off camping. I took a break from the memoir I’m querying and instead focused on my novel. It’s the first one I wrote, probably the closest to my heart, and all I have is a printout from an old computer. So I’m typing it up and revising heavily as I go, and I was on a roll on Saturday. I was deep in a writing trance and got over 6000 words done. Granted, it’s revision so maybe not as impressive as pouring out that many new words, but I’m delighted anyway. I’m over halfway through it, and once it’s all typed up, I’ll leave it alone for a while and let it simmer again. I recently read Stephen King’s On Writing, and that was one of the pieces of advice that really struck me. (Sidebar: I loved his book; it was interesting and honest and smart. I didn’t learn a whole lot I didn’t already know about writing, but it made me feel I was doing the right things, and most importantly, it made me want to WRITE.) Anyway! I know this novel will need another big revision. I already have thoughts of what I need to add/change etc on the next go-round, but I’ve learned from experience that it’ll go more smoothly if I come at it with fresh eyes. I’ve also learned that I enjoy the writing part much more than the querying agents part!

One last thought: there’s been lots of buzz around Instagram lately, lots of posts asking people to “turn on notifications” so their posts don’t get lost, lots of anger that Instagram is changing their algorithm. I love Instagram the way it is, but I’m not freaking out about it. If nothing else, I have to accept that it’s a free app, and it’s a business, and they have to do what they feel is right for their business. We let them know what our thoughts are on the change, and now it’s up to me to adapt or move on.

In the interest of adapting, today I went through the accounts I follow and unfollowed several of the celebrity accounts, the bigger accounts I can see elsewhere or just don’t enjoy that much. Now my Follow list is a carefully curated list of crafters/knitters/dyers/makers (and friends of course) so whatever photos show up in my feed, I’ll be happy.

I’m a small fish: I don’t have a lot of followers and I’m excited when I get 20 likes on a photo, so this algorithm change might kill what little feedback I do get. And if it does, well. That will suck. And I will either keep posting photos because it pleases me, or I won’t. I have a new Ello account (I’m bonnyknits there too) and I might start using that more than Instagram eventually. But I’m going to be patient and give Instagram a shot. And while I do, I’m going to be generous with my Likes and comments, especially with the smaller makers/crafters. I really do think it will be okay.

I’ll leave you with my buddy Jack. He was so happy the hubby took the kids camping this weekend because it meant he could sleep next to me as long as he wanted! IMG_5610Happy Monday, friends!

14 thoughts on “Good Wrap, Bad Hat, and Writing

  1. Don’t frog the hat! I looks great. If you like it less slouchy just save yourself the frogging and cast on a new one 😉 If your loot from your latest lys raid hasn’t a proper colour you can even take it as an excuse to travel there again 😉

  2. The wrap is looking great. Don’t be afraid to frog, make the hat exactly as you want it. Don’t be afraid to revisit your LYS either (as stated above).
    6000 words is impressive either way. I’m trying to get enough homework done that I can write this evening.
    I didn’t know you were on Instagram. I tried the notification method today, just to see what it’s like, and it’s driving me CRAZY. I signed up for ello earlier (even though they don’t have an Android app- yet, I hope).

    • Thanks. I’m still thinking about the hat. I love that yarn, and was hoping to get a hat/cowl set out of it. As it is, I don’t have enough left to make a cowl. But if I frogged and made the hat smaller, I might. So I might still frog it.
      I was afraid that would be the case with the notifications so I didn’t even try it. I’m trying to be optimistic, but won’t be crushed if it sucks. 🙂 Now, I’m off to find you on IG & Ello!

  3. About IG: I’d really rather have them charge me £5/month and keep things chronological than turning it into a new FB. I used to get quite a lot of engagement on FB about 18 months ago, and now I’m lucky if 50 people see what I post – they’re pressuring us into paying to play, which means most micro businesses will just sink. It’s sad, really. Not looking forward to the change 😩

    • I agree; I’d rather it be a paid app, although maybe a one-time fee rather than a monthly, and keep it more objective. I’ve never gotten strong engagement, let alone sales, from either IG or FB so maybe that’s why I don’t feel as strongly about it. And I totally agree that FB wants us to pay for marketing, and I just can’t do it. The few times I’ve tried small boosts, I don’t get enough engagements to make it worth it. Business-wise, I think I’m better off focusing on Etsy and craft shows.

      • I just got news from the people who started a petition to keep IG chronological that the IG team has said on Twitter they’re listening, and will keep it as is for now – they’ll still make changes, just not right now, and will keep users posted…
        For a long time, I didn’t get any sales from Etsy alone – they came from my FB page. So I feel quite strongly about social media and its role with small businesses, and hope they realise that we’re not holding out, we just can’t afford to advertise all the time!

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