Lady Violetta Hitchhiker

My Hitchhiker #3 is complete, much sooner than I anticipated, and I love it more than anticipated too! Thanks to Sarah from Knitty Nerdy and Natural for inspiring the name, Lady Violetta.Β IMG_4981IMG_4982IMG_5008IMG_4985IMG_4988I imagine most of you are already familiar with Martina Behm’s pattern, but here’s a link to it anyway just in case. I already can’t wait to make another one. I used Cascade Yarns Heritage 150 Multis of this one, 492 yards of sport weight in this gorgeous green/purple. I made it to 34 teeth this time, a nice length that should be wonderfully versatile when I wear it.

Sorry for the photo-heavy post, but I just couldn’t stop taking pictures. Well, I could, once the cops pulled someone over right in front of my house. Then it got awkward and I went inside. It’s all fun and games until the cops show up. Sigh. Here’s one more to close it out.IMG_4989Happy Friday, friends!

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