A New / Old Hat

The other day I was going through our stash of hats/scarves/gloves, and culling things that were too small or missing matches or we never wore, and I found a really awesome hat. I’d made it for my son but he never wore it. I threw it in a Eucalan bath, blocked it, and now it’s ready to wear! IMG_5182IMG_5183The pattern is Odessa, and I knit it in Foxy by Nerd Girl Yarns (color #nofilter). It definitely blocked out bigger; now it’s got the tiniest bit of a slouch to it. I love it. And I love that it could be part of a really bright matched set: IMG_5198The cowl is the Later, Gator! pattern. Now, the question is, do I sell them individually, or as a set??

7 thoughts on “A New / Old Hat

  1. Maybe you could mark them separately but display them together. I always end up donating the hand knit items that my kids out grow

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