It’s Raining on the First Day of School

My kids started their new schools today. They were both a little nervous. The girl was excited too, the boy not so much, but mostly because he’s not a big fan of school. I’m nervous for them. I remember how scary it was for me, those first days of middle school and high school. But they’re good kids, smart kids, friendly kids. They’ll be fine. Right? Yes, they’ll be fine. Luckily the rain didn’t start until after school started, so now it’s kind of cozy. Soon I’ll curl up on the couch and do some knitting.

So, knitting? Yes, knitting. I finished my second Hitchhiker last week and I’m in love with it. I wish I didn’t have to give it to my friend. The yarn was heavenly and the colors are gorgeous, albeit impossible to photograph well. IMG_3113IMG_3147I started a third Hitchhiker but instead of two strands of fingering weight yarn like this one, I was just using one, and the same size needle, which meant it was a much looser fabric. I didn’t like it it. It got frogged and I’ll start again with a size 3 soon. But in the meantime, I’m making school hats. This one was supposed to be for the girl but it’s too small so I guess it’ll be mine. And if it’s gonna be mine, I need to add a big ol’ pompom to the top. IMG_3148I’ve also gotten two requests for school spirit hats based on the one I donated to the auction basket! Yay! I’m donating some of the profit to the Booster club so it’ll be a win-win-win. I’m halfway done with one, and I need to stock up on more navy and gold yarn before I can start another. Wish I’d bought more at Joann last week!

I would have gotten more knitting done except my weekend was mostly full of yard work. I don’t think this yard has been well-maintained in years. The front garden bed wasn’t too bad, but there’s a crazy overgrown bush that I tried to tame to no avail. It will be removed soon. I don’t like how it hides our pretty house. IMG_3121And the back? Good grief. There’s so much stuff growing around the fence line, and it all needs to be removed so we can replace the fence. I got one section done this weekend; two more to go. IMG_3127It’s kind of exciting. I imagine the neighbors seeing it and being pleased that we’re cleaning up the property. Mostly I can’t wait until we can paint the house. As near as I can tell, it’s been this color for over 15 years. I’m not sure if it’s even been painted in that time. Imagine what a difference a fresh coat of paint will make! Mmm, I can’t wait. But until then, I’ll have to be happy pulling weeds. Oh, not happy. Never happy pulling weeds. Satisfied, I guess. But today it’s raining, so I have a good excuse to NOT pull weeds. Today it’s raining, which is the perfect kind of day for knitting. IMG_3135

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