Tuesday Morning on a Wednesday Afternoon

I found yarn in a somewhat surprising place the other day: a Tuesday Morning store! I’d never been to one before, but my new hometown has one and the girl and I decided to stop in. Behold, they had two shelves of yarn! Not just any yarn either: good yarn. And good prices too. When that happens, it’s so hard for me to not buy it just because it’s such a good price. I was able to resist a little, but still came home with more than I need. (I know. Any yarn would be more than I “need”.) IMG_3111Four skeins of Erika Knight worsted wool in wisteria, 2 skeins of Erika Knight maxi wool in royal purple, one skein of boysenberry merino superwash, and a skein of teal Louisa Harding mercerized cotton. And they were all at least half the retail price! I love yarn bargains. Nope, I have no idea what I’ll make with any of it. Doesn’t matter. My name is Bonny and I’m a yarn addict.

Speaking of yarn, I spent ALL morning yesterday knitting a school spirit hat. The girl’s new high school band is auctioning off a basket on Saturday and I offered to contribute a hat. When I offered, I didn’t realize I was giving myself a 2-day deadline. Eek. No problem: two cheesy movies and a nature documentary later, I had a finished hat. IMG_3109 IMG_3110I love the look, especially the pompom, but I was disappointed in myself in the construction. The joins weren’t as clean as I’m capable of, and it’s bigger than I expected. I was about to toss it aside and just donate a gift certificate, but the girl insisted it was cute, she liked it, and I should donate it. Oh, and would I make her one too?? All right then. Guess it was a success. Hat #2 is currently on the needles. But first, I’m *thisclose* to finishing the teal and gray Hitchhiker, so that’s my goal for tonight. This weekend will be full of yard work. Ugh. I’m sure the puppies will miss us while we’re all outside. IMG_3112Happy Friday! Hope your weekend holds more fun stuff than mine does!

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning on a Wednesday Afternoon

  1. Thanks for showing the hat on the form. Kelly and I both struggled to resist the temptation to try it on. We wanted to see what it looked like on. So cute!

  2. I get store adds in the mail for that store even though there isn’t one anywhere near me. It looks like they have cute stuff. I love the yarn you picked out and that hat is super cute.

  3. how much for another liberty north hat….like the one you donated….my daughter is a senior and would like one.

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