The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

There’s been a lot of ups and downs around here the last few days. Kids are getting adjusted to school, and that doesn’t always run smoothly. I’m trying to fit my yarn time in around my being-mom time, and that doesn’t always run smoothly either. But let’s start with the good. I’ve got one school spirit hat done, one on the needles, and one in the queue. IMG_3164The bad news there is that doing so much moving last month gave me some tendinitis in my left elbow, the weekend of yard work aggravated it, and knitting doesn’t help it. It’s so sad. I’m wearing the support band when I knit and I’m taking ibuprofen, but it means I can’t knit for hours without feeling it. And speaking of bad, here’s proof of a bad puppy.IMG_3167I was gone for five minutes this morning to take the boy to school. This is what I found when I came home. Grace apparently loves these shoes. I thought she was getting better about chewing stuff up, but the reprieve seems to be over. And it gets worse. Oh yes, much worse. THIS is what I found after one of my errands yesterday.IMG_3157This was a neatly wound ball of hand-dyed silk from India, and I’d left it on a side table waiting to start a Hitchhiker. I found it on the floor. Thankfully neither of them seemed interested in eating it, just making a terrible terrible mess of it. Now I have to try to untangle it. Oy, these puppies. Don’t worry, I still love them. I mean, how can you not? IMG_3152IMG_3162I want to end on a high note, so I’ll show you the little beauty I got in the mail yesterday. I supported Vice Yarns, a company that makes the most gorgeous hand-dyed yarns, on Kickstarter and I got my reward yesterday!! This is Brazen, 250 yards of gorgeous superwash DK, and I’ll get a shawl pattern for it too! Isn’t it gorgeous?? It’s a special colorway, just for the Kickstarter supporters. You can check out their campaign here, though I don’t know if you can still contribute. If not, well, I hope you see their yarns in your LYS soon.IMG_3155

3 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  1. That’s really pretty yarn. I’m so sorry your puppies got to your yarn. My cats get a hold of it and chew on it until it cuts in half. DARN ANIMALS!!! Have you tried using Icy Hot or Vicks Vapor Cream on your tendinitis?

      • I used to use the Vapor Rub Cream for it but I can’t find it anymore so I started using the Icy Hot. It seems to work for me. It must if I keep some in my knitting bag. It smells like winter green mints too. Yum!!!

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