Pleasant Yarny Surprises

Gosh, I don’t even know where to start. Yesterday was one of those days where I was running around all day long, with barely a break in between commitments, and I think I’m still recovering. There were some good moments in there (the boy was able to get choir and art added to his schedule, the girl got her band photos taken) but also some not so fun stuff (his locker wouldn’t open, dental checkups). The day was capped off with a school meeting that lasted 90 minutes instead of the 30 I was expecting. After starting the errands at 9:30, finally at 8 p.m. I was done. So yeah, long day. But the best part of the day? The Preservation committee approved our fence plan! That means we don’t have to wait for the next meeting, and we can start work immediately! The husband has decided he wants to do the work himself so we can save on labor and upgrade materials. I’m fine with it because I know he’ll do a great job but also because it means we don’t have to wait the 5-10 weeks the fence companies quoted us. So I’m guessing this weekend there will be some yard work going on in my backyard. Want to come help?

I did get an unexpected treat a couple of days ago. The girl had a hair appointment, so while she was getting beautified, I went to Joann. I don’t have one close by anymore, and I do so like their yarn department. Especially when so much of it is on clearance like it was that day!! Apparently they’re getting ready for fall colors, so I was able to score some awesome yarn for great prices. Here’s my haul. IMG_3079See that fuzzy dark pink Beautiful yarn in the back? I’ve been coveting that for ages but didn’t want to spend $6/skein. I got it for $2/skein! Woohoo! The blue/gold/white will be for school color hats, the rest is just because I liked it. I liked the raspberry Bernat Roving so much that I knit it up into a cowl that very night! IMG_3087Sorry for the poor photo; it doesn’t do the color justice at all. The yarn really is a beautiful dark pink raspberry. This is my fourth Thick and Quick Ribbed Cowl and it took me all of three hours, at the most. I love this pattern. It was free the first time I made it, but not anymore. Still, as much I love the pattern, and since it’s a measly $2.90, it was an easy decision to purchase it. I think the other skein of Roving I got, in that lovely teal, will become my fifth!

I got one other treat that day. I’d ordered a couple of row counters from AndreSue Knits and somehow couldn’t resist getting myself some fun stitch counters too. She shipped it the same day and I got it on Monday. Look at this fun little stash! IMG_3078 IMG_3083Happy knitting to ME! AndreSue also sells gorgeous hand-painted yarns that I drool over. Most of them are sock weight, which I don’t really knit with, but I’m still eyeing some of the Felicity worsted weight like this little lovely.

My calendar today is empty but don’t let that fool you. I still have a To Do list a mile long, so I suppose I better get cracking. After all, the sooner I get it done, the sooner I can knit!

2 thoughts on “Pleasant Yarny Surprises

  1. Oh my goodness those are super cute. That sounds lime a busy day. I will be doing all that fun stuff on Monday.

  2. Those little pizzas are so cute! I feel your pain re: busy days! Doesn’t the world know we just want to knit. all the time. every day. I really don’t think that’s too much to ask?

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