It’s Friday, and I Even Have a Finished Object!

Yes, you read that right: I finished a project last night! My first completed project in the new house! I call this the Rainbow Mountain Cowl. IMG_3042Only 85 yards of yarn, size 11 needles, and this baby went fast. It’s not the best combination of yarn and pattern, since it doesn’t show off the mountainous design very well, but at least the yarn looks gorgeous and that’s the important thing with this yarn. This project is Raveled here if you’re interested.

I let the puppies outside this morning by themselves while I went to fetch my tea, and when I came back, Jack was sitting right outside the door. He didn’t want in, though. He just wanted me to come out, because as soon as he could tell I was, he bounded down the stairs to frolic with Grace. After playtime, he came up to sit with me. He’s definitely a mama’s boy. IMG_3039 IMG_3040This weekend I get to visit with my sister and her kids while the husband packs up all his tools in the old garage, and then Sunday the husband and I are taking a day to ourselves to celebrate our 18th anniversary! Enjoy your weekend, readers!

p.s. I apologize for the plethora of exclamation points. That’s what happens when I’m in a good mood.

5 thoughts on “It’s Friday, and I Even Have a Finished Object!

  1. I love how your cowl turned out. That yarn is awesome!!!! That’s so sweet. Your puppy likes to know you are there. Fur babies really are like children.

  2. I’m guilty of over use of the exclamation point! Sometimes it’s like I don’t even know the period exists! Proofreading for me generally means removing 80% of the exclamation points! I can’t help it!

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