Ready to Cast On!

I have had two months of little knitting and now that I am unpacked it is time to remedy that! This morning I perused Ravelry for ages until I found three patterns that called my name. I don’t know if I’ll get them all cast on today, but I will soon. As much as I love my Hitchhiker knitting, I’m craving some variety.

I’m going to start another Retro Style Knitting Bag, like the one I made for my sister, for myself out of some pink Berroco Weekend. It will be lined in denim. Love this bag, and of course I’m in desperate need of another knitting bag.

Second will be some Foliage Lace Mitts out of the second skein of my Chocolate Cherries yarn. It will go with my Chocolate Cherries shawlette. They’ll be a nice little set to wear in the fall when it gets chilly but not cold.

And finally, I have this skein of Crystal Palace Gold Rush. It’s gorgeous, all shiny and sparkly and multicolored. IMG_3147I wanted to make something with it but had a heck of a time finding a good pattern that uses only 85 yards. I wanted a lacy cowl, something beautiful and feminine and delicate. Finally, I found this Fall Leaves Scarfette and I think it will be perfect. I’ll even get to add a button!

Sorry, not as many photos today, but maybe soon, if I manage to get as much knitting done as I hope. But I have good puppy news: the last two nights, Grace has been quiet until at least 5:30! This morning I heard one short bark and then she was quiet again. I went back to the basics and reinforced the routine we had at the old house: potty break, nighttime treat, tell them to lay down, and love on them before going to bed. I don’t know if that made the difference, but it doesn’t hurt! Seriously, puppies are just like toddlers. Sadly, Grace’s streak of non-destruction has ended. The husband got complacent and left a hat out overnight. Oops. IMG_3013And none of us can wait until we can get our fence up and stop having to put them on chains in the backyard. I’m tired of untangling them, and poor Jack is tired of getting stuck. IMG_3012Today I’m taking the girl to her new school to audition for the choir and then enroll in her classes! Exciting stuff. Plus I’ll have some downtime, so I better get my yarn wound and ready to knit. Happy Tuesday!

One thought on “Ready to Cast On!

  1. Yay. I can’t wait to see what you make with that yarn. I ooohed over it when I saw it in my WordPress Reader thingie.

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