Progress Made: House and Hitchhiker

I mentioned last time that our sitting room is all set up and since then I managed to get a nice photo. Now, the kids wanted it to be a music room, with the piano, flute and trombones. I wanted it to be a library. So it’s a library with a piano in it, and the other instruments can practice elsewhere. I love having a room whose main purpose is to house books, and give a person a quiet place to read books. IMG_3001Curtains have been ordered and that will really finish the room off nicely. We’re doing double curtains: an ivory sheer and a brownish-gray panel over that. It’s hard to describe the color, but they’re quite lovely. I even found a book to add to my library today: a nice first edition of Colony, and for only $2, I’ll have you know!IMG_3002I’ve also been working on my second Hitchhiker. Someone requested a teal and gray one, so that’s what I’m making. I got to buy some gorgeous Frolicking Feet Done Roving for it, and I keep trying to photograph it, but the colors just don’t come out right. Here’s my best attempt: IMG_2998It’s better in person, I swear. Gorgeous colors. I do love that yarn. I also bought a skein for yet another Hitchhiker (I’m obsessed right now). It’s Cascade’s Heritage 150 in a fun mix of green, purple and navy. Good thing I have no yarn stores near me, since I have no ability to resist pretty yarn.IMG_2995I have no puppy photos to share this time. Puppies are not my favorite, I’m afraid. Grace has decided that it’s fun to bark anywhere from 3 to 4 in the morning, for no good reason I can figure out. She’s always been able to wait until at least 5:30 before needing to go out. I don’t know if it’s because they’re not getting as much exercise being on chains as opposed to having freedom in the yard, or if she’s still unsettled from the move and is just slow to adjust. I can get up and pet them and go back to bed for around an hour or so before the barking starts up again. I’m tempted to let them sleep in my room tonight to see if that helps, because I could really use a night of uninterrupted sleep. Have any of you had similar problems with pets after moving? They were so good before the move that I have to believe we’ll get back there. The good thing is that we’re able to leave them unrestrained in the house while we’re gone/sleeping and Grace hasn’t destroyed anything. It’s been a week and a half and the only thing she’s done is eaten the tomatoes we left on the counter. So, that’s something. But still. Sleep would be good. And speaking of sleep, I believe that’s where I’m headed now. Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Progress Made: House and Hitchhiker

  1. I love your sitting room and the colors that you’ve chosen. Those neutral tones like that are so calming. I love your hitchhiker in progress and your yarn for the next in line. I have yarn sitting and waiting for my first as soon as I am done with my Duane Park Triangle. Sorry I have no advice for your puppy issues. I do have a cat that does it every time it storms, but I just cuddle him and he purrs in my ear. I wouldn’t know what to do about barking dogs.

    • Thanks, but those colors are what was there when we moved in! I’m so pleased because I think they’re lovely too and they were done well. Less painting for me!

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