Stupid Hat

I’m not terribly happy with this darn Everdeen beanie. I thought I’d make great progress yesterday and maybe even finish it up today, but I don’t see that happening now. Remember yesterday, I mentioned I needed to tink a couple of rows? Well, I did that, and I even put in a lifeline and all was good. I knit for two episodes of Gilmore Girls and got eight rows done, whee. Then I somehow dropped a yarnover or something and everything went to heck in a handbasket and I had to tink another three rows. ARGH. I officially hate this hat now. But I was able to move my lifeline up a couple of rows and it’s ready for me to work on today. I’m still hoping I can finish it soon, maybe tomorrow? IMG_2247I’d like to say today, but I have to go get milk, take milk to the mother, work out, and tonight is a loss because the girl has some silly mandatory informational night at school about AP classes. Whatever. At least the puppies are being somewhat agreeable. IMG_2240

7 thoughts on “Stupid Hat

  1. I hope you find the time and the motivation soon. It’s looking good even though tinking makes me want to smash things – I have a project that’s laying neglected because I need to tink a row.

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