Finished Object Friday … almost

I got SO close to a five-day stretch of daily finished objects. This morning I had about fifteen minutes of crochet to finish off the second scarf and last piece in a 2-hat, 2-scarf order. I wove in ends and got out all the pieces to photograph…and the first hat slid down the styrofoam head. Bad sign. I tried it on, and it was loose. Since it’s for a young boy, that’s not going to work. Sighhhhh. I *thought* it looked big but I was afraid to try it on for this exact reason. Still, I’m glad I found out before I had the name embroidered on it! And I’m also glad that it’s a hat I have to re-knit and not a scarf.IMG_3180These are for two brothers who both like blue, so I used the same shades but alternated the starting color for the stripes. The hat is a simple beanie and the scarf is garter stitch (for the squish factor) with a single crochet border (for visual interest). I used Caron One Pound in Sky Blue and Midnight Blue, and each piece will have the boy’s name embroidered on it. But first I need to knit a smaller hat!

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