Iron Man Crochet Hat

I am rockin’ and rollin’ this week! Day four of blogging about finished objects! BAM! Don’t worry, it won’t last. I’m just enjoying this brief burst of productivity. So yesterday I made an Iron Man hat, start to finish in one afternoon. That *never* happens for me. But this was a quick project, and it was pretty fun too.

First I made the faceplate, which was a pattern all its own. Then I needed a pattern for an earflap hat that called for bulky yarn, and this Kid’s Earflap Hat fit the bill perfectly. I’ve made this style so many times with the owl hats that I can speed through it, and then it was just a matter of sewing on the faceplate. Sure, it’s not perfectly lined up everywhere, but I’m still tickled with it. Here’s hoping my Iron Man-loving nephew is tickled with it too!IMG_3171 IMG_3172I won’t be getting much done tonight: my daughter is in her first high school play and tonight is opening night! They’re doing The Sound of Music, and she’s a nun/ party guest. I was in several plays in high school and loved being involved in theater, so I’m delighted that she’s enjoying it too. I can’t wait to see her on stage! Here she is in her dress from the party scene (she’s the tall blond).IMG_5371But for now, I’m home alone all day with nothing on the agenda. Let’s see how much knitting and crocheting I can get done!

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