What counts as a swatch?

I bit the bullet and cleaned out some old photos from my WordPress media library yesterday. I was bonkers back in the day – adding five or six photos for one project? Re-adding the photo if I talked about it in another post? Somehow several photos were in there twice. Bonkers, I tell you. I tried to purge judiciously, so that I wouldn’t leave many photos without any of their original photos. Thanks to my efforts, I’m now only at 75% of my limit rather than 85, so I’ve put off the inevitable a bit longer. Maybe it means more posts without photos, or a single photo?

I also decided to cast on a new project yesterday, since I finished the Not a Dickie. I decided to knit a Librarian Vest (Rav link) with some KnitPicks Preciosa from deep stash. I’ll wear it more as a tank under a cardigan or jacket than a vest over something else, so I chose a closer-fitting size. I really didn’t want to do a swatch, and I remembered I knit a cowl with this yarn three years ago. Surely that would count as a swatch? Surely my tension hasn’t changed in three years? Yes, I realize the idiocy of this choice and yet I’m moving forward anyway based on the gauge in that cowl. Stay tuned to see how well it works out!

Also, as I began knitting, I realized the pattern uses centimeters throughout rather than inches, and it uses German short rows which are not my favorite short rows. Surely I can overcome those minor annoyances?? (“Don’t call me Shirley!”)

Tomorrow is Local Yarn Store day! Is anyone celebrating? I’m undecided – I want to, even though I have no need for new yarn.

Happy Friday, friends.

8 thoughts on “What counts as a swatch?

  1. Sadly no LYS day celebration for me. I’m putting off my next visit to my LYS until after I finish my current sweater and the GAL blanket I’ve been trying to get (finally) finished. Once that’s done, though, I’ll probably make a trip to my LYS to get some new sweater yarn Been a while since I’ve knit a sweater with yarn I chose instead of yarn in the stash! I’m looking forward to that… and trying to be patient. 😉

  2. When you don’t feel like swatching don’t do it. That’s what I tell myself. No LYS day for me, but I’m going to pop into my guild’s fiber festival, so I’m sure I’ll buy all sorts of fiber and yarn and pottery.

  3. I spent hours reducing the sizes on my photos on my blog which said it had reduced them in size but I’m still showing as 85% full…the buggers. I suspect I’ll need to delete some too, perhaps WIP ones rather than FOs as a start.

    • Oh shoot, that’s frustrating! I haven’t done much in trying to reduce the size – it’s such a pain, or at least I haven’t found an easy way to do it.

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