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So THAT’S sleep!

Last night I forced asked the husband to sleep downstairs with Duncan so I could get a much-needed recharge in a real bed where I could move around as needed and not wake up at 4 in the morning. Guys, sleep is good. I still woke up a couple of times throughout the night, but I feel so much better this morning. Imagine what life will be like when I can do this EVERY night!! So let’s look at knitting, shall we? I’ve actually been working on my Boxy Fade the last couple of days and I’m THISCLOSE to being ready to split for sleeves. 496E95E7-21DE-4C9F-B204-5E7D1EB24CB5_1_201_aThis is usually what happens: once I the end is in sight, I get super motivated, and I’ll probably work on this most of the weekend. Because once I get the body done, the sleeves are just like half sleeves anyway and won’t take much time at all. And maybe I can have a new sweater to wear before spring!

I finished the Diamond Purl cowl the other day, when I was supposed to be working on the Fade, and it hasn’t even been blocked but I’ve been wearing it around the house, since we’re in the middle of a stupid cold spurt. It’s quite cozy and toasty, as tall as it is.

One more thing, and then I’ll be done. You could probably tell I was having a hard day yesterday. But after lunch I got my mail and found a sweet, encouraging card, and an unexpected gift, and it was exactly the boost I needed to get through the rest of the afternoon.


These are the cutest stitch markers I’ve ever seen and I know they were made with affection and sent with kindness and really, nice people are just the best. I’ll be switching out the markers on my current projects this weekend!

I hope you all have a good weekend, however you define that. It feels like a lot of us are struggling right now, so take care of yourself, ask for what you need, and be kind to yourself!

A Break for Beads

So many things to share today! Nope, I didn’t cast on for that green and purple shawl yet. The right stripe sequence hasn’t come to me so I’m pondering it. Instead, I took some time yesterday to drive out to Half Price Books. I realized I only have one Stephanie Pearl-McPhee book in my library (the rest I’ve read from the library) and I thought it might be fun to have a couple to take with me, to get signed. And what do you know? I found a lovely hardback copy of Free-Range Knitter that looks unread! (I also bought a DVD of Sweet Home Alabama and a signed copy of Room. Bookstores are dangerous.)

And then, since I was near a Joann store, I had to stop by at least, right? I mean, I don’t get over there that often, and I had two good coupons, so I had to go. Any good crafter would have done the same. But the amazing thing is: I didn’t buy any yarn!! None of it called my name. I’m afraid I’m becoming more of a yarn snob, in that I enjoy the softness of fiber and the richness of color in premium yarns. I still like acrylic for some projects, but it’s definitely a lot easier to resist. So what to use my coupons on? I looked at needles; there weren’t any I needed. Knitting books? Eh. I found myself in the beading section and remembered I’d wanted to try using split rings for stitch markers. I only found one kind that looked big enough to fit on a knitting needle so I grabbed those, a bag of headpins, and then the beads were all 50% off so I had to get a cute string of beads too. I had fun!IMG_5646I think my favorites might be the baseballs with the blue for my Kansas City Royals! But no, I love them all. I did end up with a minor injury from using a letter opener to try to open a split ring, but we must suffer for our art, right?

Last night I needed knitting for American Idol, and I’m a little bored with my Hitchhiker, so I grabbed some gray Berroco Fiora to cast on for a scarf, called the Float Flutter Fly Scarf. Go on and look, it’s fine. Pretty, right? I discovered that ridge in the middle is created by slipping 5 stitches every other row, so this is what the back looks like. IMG_5645It’s just kind of…weird. The pattern does say to pull the stitches tight after the slipped stitches, and I’m trying, but maybe not enough? I don’t like the way the bottom slipped stitch hangs down. IMG_5644I put it down and ended up working on the Hitchhiker after all. Maybe frog and start over? I’m not that far in and now that I understand what the pattern is doing, maybe I could get that part snugger. I do like the feel of the yarn, and it is a lovely pattern…ok, fine. I won’t give up just yet.

Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend, and if anyone else is at the Knitting in the Heartland keynote tonight, find me and say hello!

I’m a Multilingual Crafter: I Speak Bead

I can’t talk about my yarn projects right now. I have a few going but they’re secrets. And it’s killing me because the first one came out SO COOL and I’m tickled with it but…not yet. Instead, I’ll show you what I’m doing when I take a break from yarn.

Several years ago, my aunt got me started beading. I went crazy with it and spent the next few years obsessively building my bead stash and making tons of jewelry. I made so much I tried to sell some of it. (Wait, this is sounding familiar.) Unfortunately, I managed to burn myself out and eventually had to pack it all away. I kept the tools and my favorite beads, and after I’d been knitting a while, I was glad I had. My knitting SIL (she pops up a lot, doesn’t she? Handy gal to have around.) saw a sample of beaded stitch markers at Joann and decided to try them. (She was also into the beading craze with us. And the scrapbooking craze that followed. Hmm. There seems to be a pattern here.)

Well! Jewelry for my knitting? Absolutely! So now I buy beads every once in a while, when I need to scratch a different creative itch, and make some stitch markers. These are this week’s product.IMG_1169 IMG_1200 IMG_1204There’s kind of a funny story with these wire-wrapped ones. I had all my stuff out on the dining room table, and the other night after I finished eating, I idly picked up the wire and pliers and made this automatically, not thinking about it since I was talking with Alex and the kids. It wasn’t until I was done that I realized the loop was supposed to fit around a knitting needle. Oops. So that one on the left might not be used too much, but hey, it’s there if I need it.IMG_1195I really enjoy having different ways to explore my creativity. I just hope I don’t get tired of knitting like I did with beading and scrapbooking Ack, blasphemy! *runs off to wash mouth out with soap*