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Scrappy Sunday

When I started my scrappy blanket, there was this whole idea of “oh I’ll knit a square every day!” HAHA. Yeah, that doesn’t happen. What happens is I do several squares over a few days, then put it back in hibernation until the urge comes back. It came back last week and I got eight new squares added on.

I also wove in those ends plus the ends from the last time I added squares and was too lazy to weave in ends. Just a couple more rows and it might almost cover Duncan!

Scrappy Sock Yarn Blanket

Oh sure, why not cast on a new project in the middle of December? When I was digging through big of scrap sock yarn balls, I remembered that I wanted to knit one of those scrap memory blankets, the ones made with little squares of scrap sock yarn. Once I had that in my head, there was nothing to do but cast on. Sarah was the most recent one whose blanket I’d been admiring, so I found her project and downloaded the free pattern (Rav link) and cast on Sunday night.

Guys, those squares are TINY! I had no idea. One on the one hand, OMG it’s adorable, but on the other hand, OMG it’s going to take forever. And yet last night I added two more because right now this is potato chip knitting. Today I’m going to weigh some of the teeniest scrap balls I have, to make sure I use up those first. I need about two grams per square, so I’m delighted to have a use for all the bits that have no other good use but I can’t bear to throw away.

Have you made one of these blankets? How many years will it be before I have a blanket-sized object? This one doesn’t quite cover Duncan yet!