Scrappy Sock Yarn Blanket

Oh sure, why not cast on a new project in the middle of December? When I was digging through big of scrap sock yarn balls, I remembered that I wanted to knit one of those scrap memory blankets, the ones made with little squares of scrap sock yarn. Once I had that in my head, there was nothing to do but cast on. Sarah was the most recent one whose blanket I’d been admiring, so I found her project and downloaded the free pattern (Rav link) and cast on Sunday night.

Guys, those squares are TINY! I had no idea. One on the one hand, OMG it’s adorable, but on the other hand, OMG it’s going to take forever. And yet last night I added two more because right now this is potato chip knitting. Today I’m going to weigh some of the teeniest scrap balls I have, to make sure I use up those first. I need about two grams per square, so I’m delighted to have a use for all the bits that have no other good use but I can’t bear to throw away.

Have you made one of these blankets? How many years will it be before I have a blanket-sized object? This one doesn’t quite cover Duncan yet!

23 thoughts on “Scrappy Sock Yarn Blanket

  1. I have been admiring Sarah’s blanket, as well as her discipline! I am doing something scrappy with my leftovers. I am crocheting a granny stripe blanket. I am not really a crocheter, but combined with the pretty yarn, it really looks great. I don’t want the project to end. Don’t be fooled, Duncan has already claimed that blanket for himself!

  2. As with Kath, I’m also working on one of these blankets, but I think my squares are bigger than yours. I start with 41 stitches per square. Though, that does also mean that for my smaller bits of scrap yarn I may have to combine two yarns to get a full square.

    I’ve also crocheted a scrap sock yarn blanket, that one is my Babette blanket. It turned out good too, though I like the process of knitting the one I’m working on now better than I liked the process of crocheting the Babette.

  3. As I am weaving more these days than knit or crochet, I end up with scrappy short bits from when I cut from the loom. So, mine I am saving to hopefully card back to fibre and spin into some odd coloured yarn.

  4. It looks great! It will grow faster than you think. I think it is because it just becomes something you pick up and you don’t always pay attention to the size until WHAM you have a blanket. Of course, it takes about two years knitting one square a day, so WHAM maybe isn’t the best way to describe it.

  5. I started making squares but now use them as stitch-marker holders. Then I started a northwesterly blanket but ripped that out. Now I’ve decided to just make mini ornaments like hats, socks and mittens out of scraps because with my small feet I can get 2 pairs of socks from one 100g skein so making a blanket would take me a decade to have enough scrap yarn, never mind the actual making.

    • At least you’re not letting good scraps go to waste, that’s the important thing! I’ve thought about knitting little ornaments too. Maybe I’ll do that as gifts next year.

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