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Pink Diamonds: Take Two

I blocked my Pink Diamonds shawl yesterday and oh my gosh, guys, blocking is never so magical as it is with lace. I liked the shawl before; now I’m obsessed with it. Brace yourself. There’s lots of photos coming because I couldn’t choose between them.


I think I’m prouder of this than anything else I’ve ever knit. I don’t know why, because it wasn’t more difficult than other things I’ve made. But I just can’t stop looking at it in wonderment. I think it’s official: I’ve become a shawl knitter.

What’s your favorite shawl pattern? (But not lace weight. I can’t handle that craziness.)

If you’re looking for pattern details, check out the previous post.

A Crochet Newsboy Cap, just because

I sent off that box of girl and doll hats yesterday. It had three sets of matching hats for a girl and her doll, and two sets of cowboy hats and boots for a doll. I had so much fun getting back into crochet to make those, and I didn’t want to stop. The last few months I’ve been so absorbed by knitting that I’d forgotten how much I love the rhythm and speed of crochet. The last hat I made for my friend was my favorite; I fell in love with the pattern and needed to make another one. I was at loose ends last night, with nothing that *needed* to be worked on, but I still wanted to play with yarn. I grabbed a single skein of bulky Premier Yarns Serenity Chunky yarn and got busy while I watched America’s Got Talent. Since I can’t show you the gifted one yet, I’ll show you that one.

IMG_4672 IMG_4673I do love bulky yarn, and this is a lovely soft one. The random stripes of blue and brown were kind of strange, and not my favorite, but at least it went back to the pink quickly. I ran out of yarn halfway through the last row, which was the finishing edge, so I just pulled back and edged the brim. This was a perfect one-skein, one-evening project. If you’re interested, here’s the pattern. It’s easily modified for any size from newborn to adult.