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Mother’s Day Knitting

Yes, yes, I know. I have six WIPs going right, including two that are paid commissions, and I have another order I need to start. But that didn’t stop me from casting on for a new project yesterday. Mother’s Day should be the epitome of selfish knitting time, right? I had some quiet time between brunch with the MIL and dinner with the mother, so I happily wound my newest splurge, the Baah Chocolate Cherries, and cast on for the perfect little shawlette.

I chose a pattern called Find a Penny mostly for the round eyelet border, but also because it’s smaller and relatively simple. I’d hate to get bored with this lovely yarn. So far, it’s going very quickly. I’ve already got over four inches and this yarn is heaven to knit with. It’s soft and supple, and the resulting fabric is so nice and squishy. And the color? Yummmm. It’s mostly the dark red but the chocolately undertones give it an intriguing richness. I’ll definitely be keeping this little beauty. IMG_2223I got another thrift store goodie the other day too. I only found one thing but I’m quite tickled with it. IMG_2225Yes, another bag. But here’s the kicker: I didn’t buy it for the bag. I bought for the handles. I’d probably pay $5-6 for these at Joann, but I got the bag for a whole 99 cents! Haha! Yay me!

Before I stop for the day, I have to show off what I got from the kids yesterday. I think I’ve mentioned they’re big Doctor Who fans, and they both love to draw. From the girl, I got this delightful card. IMG_2208This one is from the boy. Our heights aren’t exactly accurate, but I sure love thinking of myself as Wonder Woman! IMG_2226_2I have good kids. I think I’ll keep them. And I have good puppies too. We had company most of the day, including small humans that move quickly and make loud noises, and the puppies did so well! No barking or lunging, just some inappropriate sniffing and a bit of exuberant licking. I was rather proud of them. IMG_2215Oh! One last thing! I had another request to feature a photo on a pattern page on Ravelry! I confess, I get excited every time. It’s my Funky Cowl and you can see it here.