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A Choir Concert, with Pink Yarn

Last night was a pretty neat evening. The girl is in the honor women’s choir at school, and last night was the spring concert. It’s their only fundraiser of the year, so they held it at a gorgeous church downtown and charged a small admission, and it was one of the best choir concerts I’ve ever been to. IMG_6139The acoustics were AMAZING, and the choir director chose the perfect pieces for the room. I have no idea how to post video on here, but if you find me on Instagram (I’m bonnyknits there too) you can see a snippet of their last song. All the choirs were upstairs, lining the balconies around the entire sanctuary, and their voices filled the room, and it was just…breathtaking. IMG_6144IMG_6143All the choirs sang beautifully, truly. I’m so glad my girl is involved in music, and I’m so glad we’re in a school district that values fine arts and has the resources to support them.

IMG_6147There’s the pretty girl (and the pretty mother too, even wearing her new turquoise scarf!). She’s moving into the concert choir next year (the mixed choir) and there’s a trip opportunity if we can get our fundraising gears going. It’s experiences like these that help me feel like we did the right thing in moving last year, even if it has been hard for the kids at times. Most of the time, I think they agree.

I had my knitting with me last night, too. I wanted a bit of easy selfish knitting so I grabbed my skein of Dream in Color Classy with Cashmere (Yep, it’s exactly as squishy and soft as you imagine) in Charged Cherry and cast on the Half Moon Scarf. So far, I’m loving it, and I’m loving knitting with this yarn, but I’m a little concerned my scarf won’t be quite long enough. IMG_6149We’ll see. Today the kids have auditions for an honor band, and then we have a family birthday party, so this will come along. But if it comes out too short, I think this is one instance where I wouldn’t mind frogging, if only so I can knit with this yarn again. At $30/skein, I’m not likely to get more of it anytime soon!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend; mine promises to be quite full and hectic!