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It’s Cotton Season

Everything I’m making right now is cotton. I’m so ready for warmer weather that I can’t stand the thought of playing with wool or alpaca. I think other people feel the same, so since I’m prepping for craft shows, I’m trying to make things that will be appealing. You’ve seen some of the hats, now four in all. IMG_1965But I also made a lightweight mesh scarf. It’s either TARDIS blue or KC Royals blue, however you want to think about it. IMG_1999And this morning I finished a simple little purse with a long strap so you can wear it across the body. IMG_2002It’s perfect for baseball games, theme parks, amusement parks, anything where you just need your wallet, phone and keys. It’s got a snap inside to keep it closed. Best of all, it’s cotton, so if it gets wet, it won’t hurt the bag! (Might hurt the phone, but that’s not my problem!) It’s cute by itself but it’s even cuter with a little flower. IMG_2004I’ve got some gorgeous raspberry-pink cotton that might become my next little bag, and I’ve got another custom order hat to do in a cotton/linen blend. Looks like my cotton fixation won’t be ending anytime soon.