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Bad Knitter

Well, I kind of sucked as a knitter this past week. And crap, did I forget to blog last weekend? Wait, no, I did, about the hats. Okay, whew, I don’t completely suck. My brain has just been kind of fried lately. I haven’t been sleeping well, so I have enough mental energy for work but not much else. Plus, trying to keep up with all the kids’ activities takes precious brainpower. So sadly, knitting and blogging are getting a little neglected. But not completely! First I’ll show you my super exciting FO, my KC Royals Crackerjack scarf!



I cast on 56 stitches and did 2 rows per game. With 162 games, that’s 324 rows, which makes a perfectly cozy double loop. Yes, it’s too warm for most of the typical baseball season, but it’ll be great when the Royals get back to October baseball next year. Anyway, now that it’s done I love it, but I don’t anticipate ever making another one. I didn’t enjoy having a WIP that by design hung around for six months!

My only other FO is this little pumpkin.


It’s for one of my bosses; her birthday is next week and she loves pumpkin spice stuff, so of course I had to make her a pumpkin. It came out super cute, but I wasn’t sure about it until the very end when I was pulling the yarn around to shape it. It was a pretty quick and easy knit, so I’m tempted to make one for myself. I used this pattern, random worsted weight acrylic leftovers from the stash, and size 6 needles. I also did a plain knit stem instead of the fancy one in the pattern. Fun, huh? And if you’re really clever with duplicate stitch, you could make a pretty awesome jack o’lantern!

And that’s kind of it for knitting. I decided I was tired of looking at my craft show inventory, since I don’t have much time for craft shows anymore, so I’m doing a 50% off sale on my Facebook page. I got several orders for that and processing those took some time. But I was happy to clear out some stuff, and it led to another project too. One of the things I sold was a small Santa hat, and the person who bought it asked for a second one. I don’t have time for many custom orders but this is a work friend, so I agreed. And hats are pretty fast. So this is the extent of my knitting this week:


(The one on the left is the completed one from ages ago. The one on the right is my current project.)

Silverleaf hasn’t been touched this week, so it will be up next as soon as I finish this hat. And when that’s done, I’ll be down to only two WIPs! And they’re both old, long-term WIPs, so they don’t count, so I’ll be free to cast on for a few new projects, hooray! I’m most looking forward to starting this shawl, Ennui, in gray and pink. What project in your queue is calling your name??

Bittersweet Birthday Cowl

I have made some progress on my quest to knit all the things. Yes, I only have one FO, but I think that’s reasonable given my WIPs. One is a Sockhead hat, yes, a hat knit with sock yarn on tiny needles. It’s my brainless knitting so it doesn’t come out all the time. But I do love knitting on it. It’s so pretty and the yarn feels so nice. I have about two inches left before starting the decreases.


I also worked on my KC Royals Crackerjack scarf, and I’m all caught up to last night’s game.¬†We only have eight games left, which is 16 rows, and then I’ll graft the ends together and it will be done! And I’ll probably set it aside and not want to wear it right away because I’m tired of looking at it. I just should have made it last year, when we won the World Series. Oh well. Who knew, right?


Here’s the FO, the Bittersweet Birthday Cowl. I worked on this during lunch at work and really enjoyed it. I modified the original long cowl to a short version, and I think it’s perfect. The lace pattern is beautiful. And this might be some of the most gorgeous Malabrigo I’ve used yet; it’s Rios in the Sabiduria colorway. The photos don’t even portray the color honestly. It’s deeper, darker, richer. Just gorgeous.


It’s not blocked yet. It will look neater when it is.

I didn’t work on any of my other WIPs this week, and I might not get much done this week. I have a couple more chemo caps to make, special color requests, so those come first. But when they’re done, I might be casting on a new project. Check out The Secret Way of Patterns. It’s a beautiful buttoned cowl pattern, but the story touched me too: a young girl who wants to be a fashion designer, who lost her grandmother and now wants to support her grandma’s charity. Yep, I bought the pattern, and would have even if I hadn’t thought it lovely. But I do, and I’ll enjoy making it.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with a nice thought from a movie we watched last night: “Have courage, and be kind.” Just about says it all, doesn’t it?