FO Friday: Curiosity Cowl

The I cord drawstring didn’t take nearly as long as I expected. In fact, it might have taken me longer to sew down the top edge to enclose the drawstring! But, in any case, my Curiosity Cowl is complete!

Overall, I do like it better now that it’s done and I can see it on. It’s not as floppy as I expected and while not the warmest, the bamboo yarn is comfortable. Mostly I’m just delighted with the drawstring because it reminds me of hoodies, which are my favorite thing to wear.

With this FO, I’ve finished three projects this year and used up 7 skeins from stash. I’m pretty pleased with that progress. I also finished another book: The Love of My Life by Rosie Walsh. It’s a family drama/suspense that kept me hooked from the beginning. I liked it better than her first book, Ghosted. Have you read anything you loved lately?

14 thoughts on “FO Friday: Curiosity Cowl

  1. The Cowl is cute! I recently read Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver. It is the first time I have read anything by her. I enjoyed it a lot and added a few more by her to my reading list.

  2. It looks great! Glad that drawstring wasn’t as much of a slog!

    I am really loving Nettle and Bone, which I’m reading right now (fantasy) and also loved The Five (nonfiction), which I finished last month.

  3. I like it. I bet it will be a great walking the dog cowl in spring and fall. Only reading books I like moderately right now. Well enough to keep reading, but not enough to get sucked in.

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