Happy Year Year: 2023

I love that New Year’s Day is a Sunday this year. There’s just something so refreshing about new starts, and to have them all on one day makes it even better. New day, new month, new year — the possibilities are endless and I am full of optimism, at least for now. I don’t like to make resolutions but I do like to set goals. What’s the difference? Not sure, but for me it’s about being gentle with myself if I don’t reach those goals. Well, that and they’re not centered around things that are “wrong” with me like so many stereotypical new year’s resolutions. So what are my goals?

  • Knit at least five squares per week on my sock yarn mitered square blanket: yes, I’d love to do a square a day but I know I won’t hit that. I’m more likely to pick it up once or twice a week and do two or three squares at a time.
  • Use more yarn from stash than I put in: this always sounds so doable at the beginning of the year, when I am flush with new yarns from holiday gifts. But I don’t have any big knitting retreat trips planned this year, so that should help!
  • Finish my first colorwork project: I saw the Pawsitive Vibes Cowl on Instagram and I have to make it. I have to. I even have the perfect yarn in my stash. (It’s on Rav but I believe you can also get it directly from the designer Read Street Knitting.) I tried colorwork a few years ago and couldn’t get used to wrangling two strands of yarn at once. But I feel more confident in my knitting skills this days!
  • Journal more regularly: I’d like to get back into the journaling habit, even if it’s just a couple of lines a day.

There are other things on my mind, things like walking the dog more regularly and managing my discretionary spending (which is slightly connected to number two on that list), but those four are top of mind. (I kind of hate that I used that corporate phrase but darn it, it’s accurate and I can’t think of a better replacement at the moment.) Oh and maybe blog a little more often? And comment on other people’s blogs? I do a fine job of reading them but have been lax about taking the time to comment.

So far I’m feeling good about these goals. Last night I worked on my sock yarn blanket while the husband and I played Scrabble (I won) and Trivial Pursuit (he won) and I’ve got a square started so I don’t forget how to make the miter go the right direction when I pick it up next time. Yes, that’s a problem I had. Took me AGES to get it sorted.

I also had a winding party this morning and have got yarn for SIX projects ready to go! When I complete them, it will use up nine skeins of yarn from stash, as well as some leftovers.

Happy Sunday, friends!

15 thoughts on “Happy Year Year: 2023

  1. I always love seeing new year’s goals and plans and thoughts. It’s so much fun to dream about things, isn’t it? I love all of the things you want to work towards. Journaling is another thing I don’t do a good job keeping up with, despite enjoying it and really appreciating being able to look back at the end of a month of year, so like you, I’m going to try to do better in 2023!

  2. I will be trying to do a daily gratitude journal in the hopes to increase my positivity. I have done this in the past but always stop after a few weeks. Beat wishes in meeting your 2023 goals.

  3. That cowl and you are a perfect match. A very motivating project to tackle colour-work again. I honestly think I can not buy yarn this year! I love that your targets have a “keeping it real” feel about them. I am overly optimistic or delusional with mine 😂

    • Haha I know not buying yarn at all isn’t realistic for me, and then I’d feel bad when it happened. But I’m sure it’s good to have some stretch goals to aspire to!

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