What have I done now

Welp, I did a thing. I think it’s a good thing but it’s also a new and different thing which means it’s a nervous-making thing for me. My company has what they call Employee Resource Groups, which are designed to offer community, support, and resources to different groups. There’s one for LGBTQ people, one for multicultural groups, one for women, and one for young professionals. Allies are welcome of course, and the groups are a great way to build connections throughout the company with people you might never meet otherwise.

Anyway, there’s a new one being established for veterans. I was interviewing the people in charge for a newsletter article, and I was just so moved and impressed by how they spoke about their motivations and desire to help this community. My dad was a veteran, though he rarely spoke about it, but I’ve never really been committed to help the cause before. But I know this group needed support, and support with things I could provide as a communications professional, and apparently I like to offer help when it’s needed. So yeah, yesterday I emailed them and let them know to count me in if they needed help. I meet next week to talk to one of them about possibly being the Communications Committee co-chair, or whatever role is best suited for my experience and skills. It won’t be a huge time commitment, but I’ll be meeting with lots of new people and just stepping into unfamiliar territory. I’m hoping it’ll be a good growth opportunity for me as I get to know more people with a much different perspective! Have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone and been glad you did? I hope so!

In yarn-related news, after I got my autumn mystery box from Chestnut Hills Farm & Fiber, I saw that Marilee got both colors of yarn and the other one was just as gorgeous as the one I got! I reached out to Alissa and managed to snag two skeins of Pickety Witch and I’m quite delighted I did.

Happy Friday, friends!

15 thoughts on “What have I done now

  1. That is awesome, Bonny!! Sounds like a great group, and they will be so lucky to have you working with them 🙂 So glad you got some Pickety Witch! I can’t wait to see what amazing thing you make out of it!

  2. Well done for putting yourself forward and taking on something new. I am sure it will be rewarding for both you and the group. That yarn has some fun colours so I’m looking forward to seeing how it knits up.

  3. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity! I know that I’ve had good experiences when I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone in similar ways—aka when it’s been a good fit for my skills. (It was community theatre leadership roles for me.)

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