You Give Good Glove(s)

Okay, so you know how I’ve been knitting Christmas gifts with yarn from stash? I made a hat and fingerless gloves, and last night I blocked another set of fingerless gloves.

These are the Felicity Mitts and despite following the pattern precisely, or so I thought, they are not exactly the same length. I’m hoping blocking will mostly take care of that. It’s a free pattern on Ravelry and simple enough to knit, although I’d never grafted two ends of icord before and I’m not sure I did a great job.

Anyway! Now I want to knit something for a guy friend I don’t know super well. He dresses pretty conservatively, but often wears fun, quirky socks, so there’s definitely a playful undertone there. He doesn’t strike me as a hat person, so my other quick go-to gift project is fingerless gloves. I dug through my stash and so far this is the only yarn that seems right.

I like the pops of red, but I want to keep them as subtle as possible. I’m thinking about holding the yarn double, to mix up the speckles and variegation. It should make an Aran weight and I’d use a very simple pattern, like this one, to balance out the yarn.

What do you think? Without knowing this person, do you think these would make a good somewhat generic guy gift?

10 thoughts on “You Give Good Glove(s)

  1. Hand size could be an issue without giving them advance notice. For me I’d be tempted to do a hat. The combo with another to make Aran weight would make a cosy hat but pretty thick gloves. I’ve only done 4 ply or DK colourwork gloves myself.

  2. Your Felicity mitts are beautiful!! Those look like really nice fingerless mitts that would be great for a guy. The yarn is mostly blue with a little bit of speckling and variegation, so it shouldn’t be too much color for a guy 🙂 Very cool!!

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