Sock It To Me Monday!

Remember when Sock It To Me Monday used to be a thing?? I do, vaguely! And since I have a finished pair of socks to share, I thought I’d resurrect it.

After finishing a sweater and a shawl, I wanted to see what else I could finish before the end of the month, and this pair of socks was the only feasible option. I was about halfway through the cuff on the second sock when I got bored and set them aside, so it it only took me a couple of days to power through the rest.

The yarn is Ruby & Roses, colors are Disco Ball and Strobe, I think. I wish you could see the sparkle from the stellina but rest assured, it’s there and it’s delightful. Now I just need some cooler weather before I can wear them!

Happy Monday, friends.

4 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday!

  1. I’m using stellina for the first time in a shawl and will have enough to make a matching pair of socks. I’m assuming stellina is like nylon so the socks will wear well?? I’ll use traditional sock yarn for the toes and heels any way but was just wondering.

  2. Fun socks! I do remember Sock It To Me Mondays, but I don’t think I ever participated in them. I love knitting with stellina for the sparkle, but the lack of photographic evidence of said sparkle always annoys me a little. I want to be able to show off the glitz! 😉

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