FO: Rock Candy Mountain

I bound off my Rock Candy Mountain shawl last night, wove in the ends and everything like a good little knitter, and I’m obsessed with this shawl.

Knitting this was so addictive — each stripe had short rows so they got shorter and faster, which made me want to keep knitting to get to the next color. I love the i-cord edging. I love the squishiness of the garter stitch. It’s just all so good.

I did make a couple of modifications. The blue I had wasn’t a full skein, so to make sure I had enough, I did an extra stitch between each wrap & turn, which made the stripes a little narrower. I also went down two needle sizes, from the suggested 8 to a 6. That was partly to try to conserve yarn, but also to make the garter stitch thicker and squishier. It worked! Maybe even too much. The final product wasn’t quite as long as I was hoping.

It has now been soaked and pinned out as long as a I could stretch it, while still preserving the squish in the depth, and I think it might end up pretty close to perfect. We’ll see. I definitely want to make this pattern again — without modifications — but in shades of purple. Wouldn’t that be cool, to go from the palest lavender to the deepest violet? I’m headed to a Sheep & Wool festival next month and that’s definitely at the top of my wish list!

Happy Saturday, friends!

11 thoughts on “FO: Rock Candy Mountain

    • Haha, I don’t know that I “like” them but they don’t bother me the way they used to, probably true of most new techniques once you’re comfortable with them.

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