Take a seat

Earlier this week I saw a chair advertised at a local vintage market. It wasn’t any ordinary chair — no, this was a deep royal purple velvet chair, complete with matching ottoman. It was gorgeous. I’d very recently decided I would like a chair in my craft room, so this seemed like a sign: this chair should be mine. The market is only open on the first weekend of every month; there’s a whole neighborhood of antique and vintage shops that open for First Fridays. This particular shop opened at 5 pm on Thursday. We got there at 5:45 pm.

You can guess what happened, can’t you? The chair was gone, already sold. Someone must have been there right at 5, waiting to get their grubby little paws on MY chair. In my despair, I wandered back through the shop to another chair that had briefly caught my eye on my first pass. It wasn’t purple, or velvet, and it had no matching ottoman. But it was green, and cute, and it kind of matched a desk chair I already have. Best of all, it was very affordable at only $57. I dithered, because I really wanted a purple chair, but then the boy said we should buy it and once I got a purple chair, he’d take this one. That made it very easy, and now I have the cutest little seating area in my craft room.

Won’t you come and sit with me for a bit? Bring your knitting, I’ll make you tea. I’ll tell you, this room is one reason it’s tempting to stay in this house. Any house I move into from now on must have a separate room just for me, and now I know it must be big enough for yarn, my Twilight shrine, and my little green chair. Do you have a room of your own?

Happy Saturday, friends.

13 thoughts on “Take a seat

  1. As I slowly keep moving my husband’s things out of the old study that I have relabelled the craft room it is becoming my room but I also have the sunroom too filled with overflow of things haha. I need a bigger room lol. There isn’t a cosy chair in my craft room though.

  2. You have a lovely craft room! I don’t have a room of my own at this point, but we live in a condo so I’m not too surprised that neither of us have our own room. Our next place (when we are ready to move… which will be soon but isn’t yet) is going to need to have a separate room for each of us. This pandemic has taught us that we really need our own home offices, even if we aren’t working from home all the time like we have been this past year.

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