Life besides knitting

Let me just tiptoe back into my little blogging space here, see if my mojo has actually returned. I haven’t been knitting as obsessively as usual the last couple of weeks. Instead, I’ve been obsessively playing with LEGO. I say “playing” but I really mean sorting and bagging. The boy used to love LEGO as a child, so we have A LOT of sets, and over the years the blocks got all mixed up. We started sorting them all by color a few years ago, and finished that job last year at the start of the pandemic. Since then, I’ve slowly started putting together the pieces for various sets. Some of them I assemble and display (Harry Potter, Indiana Jones), some I assemble and then bag up (superheroes), and then some I just bag up (City, Creator, TMNT). So the last two weeks I’ve spent a lot of time combing through tubs of LEGO bricks to make complete sets, and bagging them up in little baggies for each color. It takes forever but it’s so stupidly satisfying for me. It’s also satisfying to know that some of these sets will now be going to new homes and out of my attic!

Last weekend was gorgeous weather, so I took a break to play outside. I repotted a few plants, planted a new one in the planter in our front yard, cut back some dead blooms, and watched the husband cut down a small tree. We’re getting closer to our renovation project and I’m getting so excited to have a prettier house! Along the way I also found some pottery shards and other interesting bits in the yard. I think I’ll save them and put them in the bottom of my next potted succulent.

And I have been knitting, just a bit. My Water shawl is almost done so I’ll share that soon. I’ve also got two easy socks on the needles, both second socks, which are perfect for work Zooms.

Happy Wednesday, friends.

7 thoughts on “Life besides knitting

  1. I love the look of the socks! (I probably said that already, since these are second socks. Oh well.)

    Lego is immensely satisfying. It sounds like you’ve found a great project—the perfect combination of relaxing and productive.

  2. It’s good to get on with something, isn’t it? Even if it is sorting/playing with toys! We sold all of our sons lego a long time ago and getting rid of it felt a bit sad, end of an era, even though he hadn’t played with it in years! It looks like you had good weather for potting up stuff. Enjoy your relaxation/sorting/knitting finishing.

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