Purple makes me happy, did you know?

Saturdays always seem a little happier, don’t they? Time to relax with an extra cup of tea, or putter around the house doing whatever I want, a bit of knitting, a bit of LEGO, a bit of reading. Last night the husband said he’d had enough screen time for a while and he wanted to read, so instead of watching TV while I knit, I pulled out my little silk lace cowl. It’s made with Malabrigo Mora, which is 100% silk that’s supposedly fingering but it’s very much a light fingering, so the project feels all delicate and fiddly and I haven’t worked on it in ages. It’s looking good though!

I think I’m through four of nine 12-row pattern repeats, so almost halfway. I might spend more time with this one over the weekend, because a lightweight silk cowl might be just the thing I need for spring. Two other happy things from yesterday: some absolutely gorgeous yarn from Pandia’s Jewels arrived and I have no idea what they’ll become except maybe just happy desk decorations for a while, and I got more purple back in my hair. I’d been taking a break from the Overtone purple conditioner for a while, mostly to see what my natural hair is like at the moment. Well. It’s rather dull with 2-3 inches of bleached hair at the ends. It’s fine, it’s good hair, I like the little silver hairs I have. The real problem is that it wasn’t purple, honestly. So the “purple for brown hair” came off my shelf and into the hair and it makes me happier when I look in the mirror.

Happy Saturday, friends. I hope you have time to do something you enjoy this weekend!

8 thoughts on “Purple makes me happy, did you know?

  1. That yarn & cowl are beautiful! And I had wondered how you got such a fun purple, I should have guessed it was Overtone. (I have some Overtone for brown hair in my bathroom cabinets too, but right now I’ve been enjoying watching the grays grow in too much to take the time to use it.)

    • In the past, I would get it all bleached and dyed with a permanent purple dye, and that’s my favorite for a full-on bright purple. But the overtone is pretty good until I feel comfortable going back to the salon! I’m glad you’re liking your grays too. πŸ™‚

      • Oh, that’s good to know! πŸ™‚ I picked up the Overtone when I wanted to play with a brighter purple than the “burgundy” options over over-the-counter dye, and then the pandemic hit and I stopped dying my hair entirely. I know what you mean about feeling comfortable going to a salon, though! I’ve been wanting a proper hair cut for over a year now. Sigh.

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