It’s March! And Monday!

Hooray hooray, it’s March today! That is happy because it means that spring is coming. We could very well still get another cold spell, possibly even some snow, but somehow it’s easier to endure in March than in February. Plus this is the girl’s birthday month and she will be coming home for a visit and that is also very happy. Another happy thing is that I did manage to finish that sock yesterday, adding one more FO to my February total. (No, I don’t know what the total is. More than two and less than 10, that’s all I got.) These are my Sorry Not Sorry socks from Hedgehog Fibres, with contrast yarn from Less Traveled Yarn.

The first thing you may notice is that one heel is solid pink. That’s the annoying thing about this sock. See, I had a 20g ball of that contrast yarn but once I got past the second cuff, I only had 5.5 grams left and I wasn’t convinced that was enough for a heel and a toe, and I wanted a contrast toe more, so I went the safe route. Of course then I got done and I’m pretty sure I could have done the heel too. Next time I do contrasts, I think I will weigh as I go so I know how much yarn each little contrast element takes.

Now it is March and I carried over only two WIPs, a lace cowl and the gradient shawl. That means I can cast on all the new things, right? I have to have a sock on the needles and I don’t think I can resist my newest yarn, from Kenyarn and inspired by the Ella Fitzgerald Barbie doll. But I am also ready and eager to cast on the Water shawl (Rav link) for the Blogville KAL that Alissa is running. My yarn isn’t very water-ish but it is the only two matching skeins of fingering in my stash and there’s no way I was buying new yarn for this, especially since this gorgeous yarn (from The Periwinkle Sheep) was waiting for a project.

I might also cast on for a hat for the husband, and maybe the cowl with the Woolfolk. I have all these project bags, I might as well put them to good use!

Happy March Monday, friends.

11 thoughts on “It’s March! And Monday!

  1. Oooh look at that pink yarn you are doing your shawl in. I love the socks, interesting you chose to match the toes over heels, I quite like the fact that the wearer will know which is left and right from the difference 🙂

    • I figured I’d see the toes more than I’d see the heels, so it would bother me more if the toes didn’t match. And maybe I should designate one as left and one as right with this pair!

  2. Feels like famous last words…. I too keep swearing I’m going to weigh my yarn at various points so I know how much I need for a heel, cuff, whatever. Then the project gets completed and I forgot to weight the yarn. There’s always next time. 🙂

  3. I love that caked yarn! It’s going to be a lovely shawl.

    And I have way too many project bags to feel comfortable having an active project in each of them. I’ve lately been trying to use them for staging: FOs where I haven’t put any scrap/leftover yarn away yet, WIPs with my current knitting, and “cast on next” projects so that I have somewhere to put the yarn and pattern when I get impatient and wind the yarn before I’m ready to cast on. 😉

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