FO Friday: Gray Socks

The boy’s gray socks are finally done! I looked back and realized I started them three months ago. And while they are very long, they’re also very simple, just plain ribbing. I think it was the boring gray that made them take so long.

The legs are 10 1/2″ long and I knit to 8″ on the feet before starting the toes, so yeah, these are quite a big bigger than what I make for myself. But he put them on the next day and seems quite pleased with them, so I’d say it was worth it.

I’d have another FO to share, my Mad Mini Wrap, except I tried to use up all the green and lost at yarn chicken. So now I need to undo most of a bind-off and the last row. Darn it all.

The good news is that I’ll definitely get it done by the end of the month, taking me down to three WIPs that I’ll carry into March. That’s not bad at all!

12 thoughts on “FO Friday: Gray Socks

  1. Plain ribbing can take forever. Once I get in a groove, I’m fine, but in the early stages it seems to move so slowly. I love the colors of your wrap. Screw the green! Rip back, bind off and wear it with pride.

  2. Woo, the shawl is going to be great! Also, hooray for turning WIPs into FOs by the end of the month!

    I’ll admit, some of the socks I’ve made that surprised me the most with how long—or short—a time they took to knit was all because of the yarn. The pattern doesn’t seem to have nearly as much of an impact for me on how long it will take to knit a pair of socks as the yarn does. All that to say, I’m not surprised to see that plain gray socks too so long. They look great and comfy now they’re done, though!

    • Oh, so I’m not the only one motivated by color! That’s really interesting. I think that’s why I haven’t cast on a gray cardigan yet. As much as I know I’d wear it, I don’t know that I’d ever be able to knit it!

      • Nope, you’re not the only one at all. I’ve found that I’ll even knit socks where I like the color more slowly than socks where the color is okay BUT has color changes. (Stripes, gradient, etc.)

        I have a gray sweater planned, and I have the yarn for it. I’ll be casting it on once I’ve finished my test knit cardigan… but it’s not solid gray. It’s a set where the gray has sections of color, and the set has multiple skeins with different contrast colors. I think that’s the closest I’ll get to knitting an actual gray sweater. 😉

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