Progress: Mad Mini Wrap

The last couple of days have found me back with my Mad Mini Wrap (Rav link), which has been languishing for a little while. I’m enjoying the switch to sport weight yarn — it definitely knits up faster than fingering weight! I finished off the third mini last night and hope to start with the fourth tonight.

It’s kind of a funny little shape that’s growing there. I have no idea if that’s supposed to be happening but I think I like it. The fifth and final color, a lime green, will go along one of the long sides. I knit quite a bit of this while watching I Care A Lot on Netflix. It was creepy and disturbing but also darkly funny and weirdly compelling. Definitely not the wholesome viewing I’ve been looking for the last few months!

I also had a little trip to my LYS on Sunday, for a masked and distanced yarn date with a friend, and I was so overwhelmed with getting a fun adventure that I went a little crazy with my shopping!

The Woolfolk Luft will become a Getting Warmer cowl, and the Ella Rae on the right will become an Op Tiki scarf (Rav link). The two middle skeins, from Old Rusted Chair, just came home with me because they were so beautiful, so they are currently just stash food. And I really really really want to cast on all of this yarn but I’m not because I’m saving my needles and my time for the March Water shawl KAL! Maybe I should get that yarn wound to distract myself from my new pretties.

Happy almost-Friday, friends.

12 thoughts on “Progress: Mad Mini Wrap

  1. The shawl does have a neat shape. I imagine it will help keep it in place when you wear it. Nothing like a trip to a yarn store. I have not been since the yarn crawl last March, literally one week before the ‘two week’ lock down. Tell me, do you still get the benefits of yarn fumes when you wear a mask?

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